Ly Son pearl island all year round with two rainy and sunny seasons, bringing in a beauty that makes anyone want to conquer. Favored by nature with many impressive and unique scenes. Ly Son has attracted a large number of tourists every year. In which, To Vo Gate on Ly Son Island is considered one of the hottest places. It is a place that surely everyone wants to visit to own their own photos of ‘Forever’. If you intend to come here to visit and check in, do not miss the following useful information from Danang Private Car !

Where is To Vo Gate on Ly Son ?

Located in Ly Son island district, To Vo Gate is shaped like a very unique arch. Every time the sunrise or sunset falls, the beauty is more boldly embellished. With a height of about 2.5m, To Vo Gate was formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. When the lava met the sea, it solidified and created the unique shape of the rock arch today.


When is the best time to go to To Vo Gate on Ly Son island?

According to the experience of going to Ly Son island from the tourist community, you can go to To Vo Gate in any season because each time period, this place will bring a unique beauty. However, the most suitable time is from May to August. At this time, Ly Son is in the beautiful sunny season, the sea is calm, creating a shimmering picture full of attraction. In particular, you should avoid going between October and January because this is the stormy season.


Directions to To Vo Gate in Ly Son

To get to this divine check-in location, you will have a very simple route. First, you can travel by any means, airplane, passenger car, motorbike, car, …, to Quang Ngai. Then move on to Sa Ky port. Next, you take the boat to Ly Son Island , the cost will be about 125,000 VND / person. The train will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to arrive at Ly Son port. From the welcome gate, you will turn left along a small road leading to Duc pagoda. Here you will see a cliff protruding into the sea, which is To Vo Gate.


What’s interesting about discovering Ly Son To Vo Gate?

A gift of nature, To Vo Gate on Ly Son island is like a unique architectural work that makes anyone fall in love. Artistic check-in photos with stone arches and brilliant sunsets. Or the glossy black lava rocks, diverse shapes undulating under the water are enough to feel excited.



From the To Vo Gate on Ly Son island, you can zoom out to see the fishing village of fishermen on the island. And when looking to the south, you will admire the majestic Gieng Tien mountain – an artifact of a dormant volcano.


 Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can also take many very good photos. But here you can also participate in many other activities. Take a basket boat or canoe to explore the sea. Take a dip in the cool clear blue water. Or scuba diving to see corals, explore the ocean with many different species of sea creatures.

Note when coming to To Vo Gate on Ly Son Island

  • Do not exceed 10 people when climbing the To Vo Gate. Because the weight will affect the gate and everyone’s safety
  • Travel civilized, do not litter indiscriminately and clean up before leaving.
  • Because it’s a virtual living place, don’t forget to prepare really good machines and beautiful outfits.
  • You can combine visiting two places, To Vo Gate and Duc Pagoda, to make the trip more interesting.