Thuy Bieu Village exudes ancient beauty hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of Hue city. This is a tourist attraction that attracts the interest of many foreign visitors who want to experience the nostalgic charm and unique experiences that are hard to come by in ancient villages. Today, let’s visit Thuy Bieu Village with’s to explore what interesting things this ancient village in Hue has to offer!

Some information about Thuy Bieu Village

Thuy Bieu Village is an ancient village, not too large in size, located about 5km from the center of Hue city. The special feature of the village is its rustic and simple scenery, not overly cemented, thus retaining many familiar images of old Vietnamese villages. Thuy Bieu Village is surrounded by many famous attractions such as the Perfume River – the symbol of Hue, and the renowned Vong Canh Hill.

Thuy Bieu can be roughly understood in Chinese as a water-containing vessel. The name is inspired by the image of the village nestled within the embrace of the Perfume River, creating an incredibly impressive, picturesque, tranquil, and beautiful landscape.

Thuy Bieu Village stands out with its tea orchards enveloping the surroundings, bringing an incredibly impressive beauty to tourists

Due to its strategic location, Thuy Bieu Village is a familiar destination for many tourists who want to admire its ancient beauty and experience the daily life here. Thuy Bieu Village is close to many famous scenic spots with traditional ancient beauty such as Vong Canh Hill, Tu Duc Tomb, Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda, and the extremely sacred Thien Mu Pagoda. Therefore, you can combine it with many other attractive attractions to have a complete itinerary to explore the full beauty of the traditional culture of Hue while saving time and energy!

In addition to the unique beauty of Thuy Bieu Village, you also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious, juicy tea fruits grown here. It can be said that tea is a symbol of this village. Besides exploring the ancient beauty to your heart’s content, enjoying tea in the village is also an experience worth trying.

Thuy Bieu Village – A place preserving and conserving many ancient treasures.

Tiger Fighting Arena, Elephant Shelter – architectural works from the Nguyen Dynasty era.

In addition to the peaceful natural scenery, Thuy Bieu Village also preserves many unique architectural works from our ancestors. A notable example is the Tiger Fighting Arena, Elephant Shelter, which was once illustrious during the reign of the Nguyen kings. Although some details have eroded over time, when you visit today, you can still feel the fierceness and fervor of the ancient fighters. This is an extremely interesting attraction that helps you understand more about the pastime of ancient kings and the stories surrounding it.

This ancient architectural marvel has now become a famous tourist attraction in Hue

Ancient Houses in Thuy Bieu Village

In addition to the prominent architectural works, Thuy Bieu Village is also appealing because of its ancient small houses from ancient times. Each house stands out with its nostalgic beauty, bearing many historical imprints accumulated over hundreds of years.

The ancient houses in Thuy Bieu Village with their vintage designs are still preserved intact over time

The types of ancient houses in Thuy Bieu Village stand out with structures consisting of many beams and pillars, without partitions. Most of the ancient houses in the village are adorned and accentuated with intricate relief sculptures by skilled craftsmen of the past.

Enjoying the delicious and enchanting tea fruits in Thuy Bieu Village

After wandering around and exploring all of Thuy Bieu Village, you should immediately indulge in the fruit closely associated with the reputation of this ancient village. That fruit is none other than the tea fruit. Perhaps due to the soil in the village being very suitable for tea trees, when you taste it, you will feel a very delicious, especially sweet and juicy flavor.

The Thanh Tra Fruit Festival in 2018 was organized regularly to help promote tea fruit products to a larger number of tourists

Especially, in each tea fruit blooming season, Thuy Bieu Village is covered by a very unique and rare beauty. In spring, when the tea flowers bloom pure white and emit a fragrant aroma, this scent lingers and captivates anyone who visits, making every traveler curious. Then, in summer, the tea fruits officially ripen, each fruit is proportionally sized, has a beautiful green color, and is very firm. So if you have the opportunity to visit Thuy Bieu Village in the summer, you will see tea fruits being sold everywhere in the village, don’t hesitate to buy them as gifts for your loved ones or friends! This will surely be a very meaningful and attractive gift.

Visit Thuy Bieu Village to experience the gentle rhythm of life, to feel the serene and nostalgic natural scenery. This is a place for tourists to return to, to learn about the roots, about the lives of our ancestors in the past. If you want to find a place with traditional beauty in Hue for enjoyable exploration, close to the city, and easy to reach, then Thuy Bieu Village is the top choice for you. Quickly note down this destination in your itinerary to explore Hue so you don’t forget to visit!