Halong Bay is always a favored destination for many domestic and international tourists, attracting a multitude of people whenever there is a holiday. When visiting Halong, one cannot miss the experience of luxurious cruises. Let’s explore these top-notch services with DanangPrivateCar.com!

Admiring Halong Bay

When in Halong, embarking on a Halong Bay cruise will provide travelers with the most wonderful experiences. Nature has bestowed Halong Bay with majestic landscapes, both grandiose and poetic. The feeling of beholding this picturesque masterpiece of mountains and water from the deck of a cruise is truly magnificent.

Travelers will find themselves drifting on the sea, amidst the clouds and vast ocean, captivatingly absorbed to the point of forgetting the way back. Witnessing these most beautiful moments, one can cast away life’s worries and the pressures of work.

Relaxation in Deluxe Cabins

When you come to Halong Bay cruise, you will experience something different. Spending the night on the bay will provide you with a relaxing experience amidst the open sea, immersed in the all-encompassing surroundings of waves, water, and the bay’s islands.

Relaxing in Cruise Cabins

The cabins on the Halong Bay cruise are all designed with sufficient space, creating a cozy feeling for passengers. All cabins are equipped with amenities such as TV, air conditioning, bathtub in the bathroom, toilet, etc. Travelers can choose a room that suits their needs and preferences.

Experiencing a night here, guests will be lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of lapping waves, creating a melody akin to a harmonious composition. Moreover, gazing through the window reveals a magnificent natural panorama, resembling scenes from a passing film. Undoubtedly, this will be a fascinating experience that is hard to forget in one’s lifetime.

Indulge in a Premium Buffet Feast

Guests will be treated to a sumptuous array of dishes, befitting the 5-star standard of the cruise.

Here, the cruise serves guests with a buffet featuring seafood from the three regions of northern, central, and southern Vietnam, fragrant BBQ, and a variety of desserts ranging from fruits to sweet soups and ice cream.

Especially, if you are a vegetarian, you can inform the chef and management in advance. The cruise will accommodate and prepare meals according to your preferences.

Immerse Yourself in Refreshing Cool Waters

Most Halong Bay cruises allocate time for passengers to immerse themselves in the cool and refreshing waters. As the sunlight softens, Halong Bay tourists will have the opportunity to visit famous islands in Halong Bay such as Titop Island, Soi Sim Island, etc. Here, there are the cleanest and greenest beaches in Halong Bay, promising to provide travelers with the most delightful moments of relaxation.

The feeling is truly wonderful as travelers surrender to the cool breeze, submerge themselves in the crystal-clear and cool water, or simply sit and admire the gradually descending sunset at the beach.


The sensation of paddling freely, navigating through the various caves of Halong Bay, will leave you with a sense of pride after kayaking.

Kayaking on Halong Bay

The kayak will take travelers into a fairytale world with pristine natural scenery, moss-covered landscapes, and a touch of romance. The thousand-year-old limestone mountains, mysterious-shaped islands, or enchanting caves all gradually reveal themselves to the astonished eyes of Halong Bay tourists.

Touring Halong Bay on these luxurious cruises is a fantastic experience that every traveler should come and enjoy. With this special experience, tourists will turn their holidays into dream-like experiences filled with countless interesting and unforgettable moments. If you are in Hanoi and want to experience luxurious services on a cruise in Halong Bay, book your trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay By Private Car with DanangPrivateCar.com. With fast and efficient services, door-to-door transfers will ensure you have the most comfortable and safest journey.