With a system of crystalline stalactites formed by geological processes, both dry and wet caves create a sparkling and enchanting beauty inside Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh. This place is often likened to a ‘galaxy within the mountain,’ captivating visitors from their very first encounter. Therefore, it would be a missed opportunity if, in your journey to explore the ancient capital land, you overlook this fascinating destination.

When traveling to Ninh Binh, don’t just think of familiar names like Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda, or Bich Dong Cave,… If you are an explorer at heart, try visiting Thien Ha Cave once to admire the masterpiece of nature in one of the most beautiful caves in Ninh Binh.

Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh – the beauty of the ‘galaxy within the mountain

Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh is a small cave located in Son Ha Commune, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province, approximately 24 kilometers northwest of the city center. Along with Thien Thanh Cave, it becomes two extremely valuable natural heritage sites in the province.

Thien Ha Cave is a small cave located in the Son Ha commune.

Part of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Thien Ha Cave is hidden within the Tuong Mountain range, with an elevation of nearly 200 meters. This mountain is like a natural fortress protecting the ancient capital of Hoa Lu in the 10th century (the time of King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh). It is also closely associated with historical and cultural landmarks such as Phat Dau Son Mountain, Nha Le Boat Wharf, and Dau Linh Rice Field.

How to visit Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh?

Getting to Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh

To reach Thien Ha Cave, you first need to travel to Ninh Binh. There are various transportation options available from Hanoi, such as buses, private cars, trains, or even riding a motorcycle. However, in the experience of traveling to Ninh Binh, the distance is not far, approximately 100 km. With this distance, you can easily opt for a motorcycle ride.

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After arriving in Ninh Binh, you can use Google Maps to find your way to Muong Tho Ha village in Son Ha Commune. From there, you need to take a boat to Ben Dang River Wharf and then turn into a small canal that is approximately 1 km long. After that, continue walking on a 500-meter stone path along the foot of Tuong Mountain to reach the cave entrance. This shaded path on both sides will make you feel like you’re wandering in a pristine forest.

Does Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh sell tickets for admission?

Currently, the ticket prices for visiting Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh are 120,000 VND per adult and 40,000 VND per child. The ticket prices are not too high, allowing you to admire the galaxy of sparkling stalactites in various colors and explore the mysteries inside the cave.

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Exploring Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh – a masterpiece of nature.

As soon as you step into the cave, you will immediately sense the meticulous and intricate craftsmanship of nature. What unfolds before your eyes is an extraordinarily tranquil space. Nature has divided Thien Ha Cave into two distinct areas: a dry cave, 200 meters in length, and a wet cave, 500 meters long, featuring various stunning and unique formations.

The Dry Cave – the golden palace in Thien Ha Cave, Ninh Binh.

As you venture deeper into the dry cave, you will feel like you’ve entered a palace made of crystal and gold, with multicolored stalactites shimmering under the sunlight. These formations take on various captivating shapes, sparking the imagination of visitors. Additionally, this area houses a “stone fortress” associated with folklore tales such as the monkey, the elephant and the tiger, and bears traces of ancient Vietnamese inhabitants (e.g., fishing tools and pottery).

Thien Ha Cave consists of dry and wet caves
Thien Ha Cave consists of dry and wet caves

What’s particularly striking is that, almost throughout the cave’s depth, you will encounter radiant clusters of light, known as the “Sky Wells.” These sky wells are spacious and almost 3 meters high. On sunny days, sunlight reflects off the rock formations, creating shimmering rays that bring the cave to life, sometimes appearing golden and other times ethereal.

The Wet Cave – the ‘galaxy within the mountain’ in Thien Ha Cave.

After enjoying the rich scenery in the dry cave, visitors continue their journey by boat along the watercourse to reach the wet cave. This is the focal point, often likened to a ‘galaxy within the mountain.’ The winding river, surrounded by multicolored rock formations with names like Fairy Island, Mother’s Breast, and Dragon Transformation Island, creates the sensation of being in a mythical fairyland.

The water cave exhibits a surreal beauty.

Drifting along the river and immersing yourself in this space, you may occasionally hear the rustling of the wind entering the cave, the sound of paddles, and the gentle ripple of water, providing an incredibly serene and relaxing experience.

The Thien Ha Cave Ecotourism Area in Ninh Binh consists of two main caves: Thien Thanh Cave and Thien Ha Cave. Therefore, after leaving Thien Ha Cave, visitors can continue their exploration by visiting Thien Thanh Cave. This dry cave is situated on the backside of Tuong Mountain, with a length of just over 50 meters and a cave entrance height of about 3-4 meters. While not very large, it boasts breathtaking landscapes that will leave you captivated and delighted.

Tips for Exploring Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh.

The best time to explore the ‘galaxy within the mountain’ at Thien Ha Cave.

Caves are typically located deep within the earth, so the temperature inside can be lower than the actual outside temperature, especially during the winter and rainy seasons. Therefore, for a self-guided Ninh Binh travel experience, it’s advisable to explore Thien Ha Cave during the summer.

During this season, the temperatures are higher, and the climate is pleasant and comfortable. When you venture deep into the cave, you won’t feel cold. Additionally, with the sun’s rays shining, you’ll be able to fully appreciate its dazzling and enchanting beauty.

It’s advisable to explore Thien Ha Cave during the summer.

What to prepare for exploring Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh?

  • Ensure your phone and camera have fully charged batteries to capture the beautiful angles and moments inside the cave; you’ll have many opportunities for stunning photos.
  • Pack an extra jacket to stay warm if you feel chilly.
  • You can bring some food and drinks if you plan to explore Thien Ha Cave for an extended period.
  • Prioritize wearing sports shoes or shoes with good traction for ease of movement and to avoid slipping while exploring.

Tourist Spots to Combine with Exploring Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh.

As mentioned, Thien Ha Cave is located within the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in Ninh Binh, so you can combine your visit with exploring other nearby attractions:

  • Bai Dinh Pagoda: This is the largest pagoda in Vietnam, nestled at the foot of Dinh Mountain. It features a grand and intricate architectural design, adorned with finely crafted statues and impressive landscapes. The serene atmosphere here provides a sense of tranquility during your visit.
  • Tam Coc – Bich Dong: Don’t miss the chance to explore the Tam Coc – Bich Dong Scenic Area in Ninh Binh. Here, you can admire the picturesque scenery of mountains, rivers, ripe rice fields, and take a boat ride to explore the caves while gazing at the dazzling limestone formations, creating a surreal experience.
  • Hoa Lu Ancient Capital: Hoa Lu, located in Ninh Binh, was the first capital of the Dai Co Viet (Great Viet) Dynasty. It boasts numerous historical and architectural landmarks, significant cultural festivals, and is worth exploring for its historical significance.

With its enchanting and resplendent beauty, resembling a palace adorned with gold and silver, Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh is truly an unmissable destination. This summer, take some time to visit and appreciate the masterpiece it holds.