Lo Gach Cu (old brick kiln) in Hoi An is increasingly sought after by young people as an ideal ‘virtual living’ destination because it offers excellent photo opportunities with harmonious scenery. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in the cool, green nature. If you’ve already explored the charming attractions in the old town area, then Hoi An’s old brick kiln, located near the main street, is the ultimate check-in spot for travel enthusiast teams. Here, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the pristine nature and capture stunning photos without fail.

The address of Lo Gach Cu (old brick kiln) in Hoi An is where?

The address of Lo Gach Cu (old brick kiln) in Hoi An is located in Vinh Nam hamlet, Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. Despite being abandoned for 20 years, this landmark has now been renovated with a fresh new look. You can visit here to explore and experience freely.

The old brick kiln in Hoi An is a dazzlingly beautiful check-in spot for young people

You can visit Hoi An’s brick kiln at any time as it does not belong to anyone. Moreover, admission is completely free for all visitors. However, the nearby café usually opens from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM every day. Here, you can enjoy soft drinks, coffee, freshly squeezed juice while relaxing and admiring the scenery from afar.

Hoi An’s old brick kiln in Cam Kim is situated amidst rice fields, standing tall like a fortress gate. The walls are peeling, revealing layers of reddish-brown bricks, creating an image reminiscent of ancient moss-covered ruins. The consecutive steps from the base to the top add to its uniqueness. Most importantly, this is one of the favorite check-in spots in Hoi An, especially among young people. If you have the chance, you should consider visiting and experiencing it for yourself.

Directions to the old brick kiln in Hoi An

The old brick kiln in Hoi An is about 5km away from the Hoi An Ancient Town, so there are various transportation options available for you to choose from. Here are some typical ones:

  • Taxi: If you’re unsure of the exact location of the old brick kiln in Hoi An, you can take a taxi. Just provide the precise address, and the driver will take you there in the shortest time possible. However, be prepared financially as the fare for this service can be quite high.
  • Private car: If you’re an international tourist or traveling in a large group, opting for a private car can help you save costs. Additionally, with the private car service in Hoi An provided by DanangPrivateCar.com, professional drivers will pick you up and drop you off directly at the destination, ensuring you have the most comfortable journey.
  • Motorbike: Traveling to the old brick kiln in Cẩm Kim, Hoi An by motorbike is also very convenient. You can enjoy the peaceful countryside roads on your own. The cost of renting a motorbike is reasonable and suitable for tourists’ needs. Additionally, you can book a motorbike tour from Hoi An to Hue to explore not only the old brick kiln but also other attractions such as Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach, etc.

Furthermore, you should also refer to travel experiences in Hoi An to be more proactive. Useful information about timing, transportation, accommodations, and activities has been thoroughly updated. This will greatly assist you in being more proactive during your trip.

Experience of checking in at the old brick kiln in Hoi An is super awesome

To capture amazing check-in photos at the handmade brick kiln, you need to master several tricks. For example, you should choose the ideal time to capture beautiful moments. A small suggestion for you is to take photos at dawn, when the sun is high, or at sunset, which will be fantastic.

Checking in at the old brick kiln in Hoi An at any time of the day is also wonderful.

Additionally, the old brick kiln in Hoi An has moss-covered steps, making it very slippery. Therefore, whenever you move around, you must be especially careful, move slowly, and gently. If you notice signs of cracks, you should avoid that area immediately.

Furthermore, you can explore other tourist destinations in Hoi An. These places not only boast beautiful landscapes but also offer a rich culinary scene. This will make your trip more complete, meaningful, and unforgettable.

The Old Brick Kiln Café in Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam

The Old Brick Kiln Café in Hoi An, located in Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam, is designed in the style of a stilt house. The bamboo tables and chairs are neatly arranged in rows. From here, you can easily overlook the brick kiln welcoming the sunrise and admire the long, winding bamboo bridge.

The old brick kiln café exudes simplicity yet is equally unique

The Old Brick Kiln Café offers drinks made from vegetables, tubers, fruits, and black rice. What’s more special is that they have amusing names that will make you smile just by hearing them, such as “Blooming Milk,” “Chí Phèo Coffee,” and “Vũ Đại Village Smoothie.

Some notes when checking in at Lo Gach Cu (old brick kiln) in Hoi An

The old brick kiln in Hoi An has been repaired and upgraded to become more sturdy. However, you should not overcrowd the area to ensure safety. Additionally, you can visit the old brick kiln café in Hoi An in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat.

It’s best to visit the old brick kiln in Hoi An in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler

In particular, you should visit the old brick kiln in Hoi An when the rice fields are still young or have turned golden. At that time, you will have stunning and cool photos that are undeniably beautiful.

Lo Gach Cu (old brick kiln) in Hoi An is indeed the ultimate spot for immersive and stylish check-ins, perfect for travel enthusiasts. Therefore, you should definitely visit here to experience it firsthand and find those memorable moments. Additionally, Hoi An has many other attractive destinations waiting for you to explore.