Tan Hoa Village is known as one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Vietnam. Nestled in a limestone valley surrounded by towering mountains, Tan Hoa is regarded as the new tourist center of the Northwest Quang Binh region. If you are passionate about experiencing nature, exploring caves, discovering local culture, and enjoying adventurous ATV rides through the forest, then Tan Hoa Village is the ideal destination.

Introduction to Tan Hoa Village

Tan Hoa Village is a commune in Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. It has long been known as a place with picturesque scenery, featuring an expanse of limestone mountains embracing a vast valley and endless grass fields. Cutting across the valley is the tranquil, emerald-green Rao Nan River, which deposits alluvium onto the fields along its banks during the rainy season.

The area at the entrance of Tan Hoa tourist village

Tan Hoa Village is also renowned for its beautiful Tu Lan Cave System, a setting for famous films both domestic and international, such as director Victor Vu’s “The Immortal,” director Dinh Tuan Vu’s “The Legend of Quan Tien,” and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ “Kong: Skull Island.” We invite you to explore this majestic and stunning land with us!

How to Travel to Tan Hoa Village

Currently, Dong Hoi City in Quang Binh has an airport, but it does not have international flights. Domestic tourists can book flights to Dong Hoi Airport. For international visitors, flying into Da Nang International Airport or Hue International Airport are the two best options for reaching Quang Binh.

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Adapting to Harsh Weather Conditions

To become the best tourist village as it is now, Tan Hoa Village had to endure a period of considerable difficulty.

With each rainy season, water rushes down from the upper reaches to Tan Hoa. The surrounding valley is surrounded by mountains, with only one escape route being the caves at the end of the valley. The large amount of water cannot escape quickly, causing numerous floods, big and small.

The people of Tan Hoa have faced historic floods. Many houses, properties, and even lives have been submerged in the floodwaters.

Tan Hoa Village - One of the best tourist villages in the world
Tan Hoa Village – One of the best tourist villages in the world

Therefore, whenever floods occur, people must find ways to seek refuge in high mountain areas. After each flood, people almost have to restart their lives from scratch. Life, which was never overly affluent, becomes even more difficult after each flood.

After living with floods for many years, the locals have gradually found ways to adapt to the harsh weather.

The houses are built with unique architecture to cope with sudden floods. Each house is about 20m2 wide and made of wood. Underneath the houses are tightly tied barrels connected to each other and firmly attached to the house. Each house is anchored with sturdy wooden pillars to prevent being swept away by floods. When the water rises, the houses will also float. This helps keep people safe and prevents their property from being submerged in floodwaters.

This has contributed to creating unique characteristics that other places do not have.

Magnificent Nature

Originally a land with many pristine natural landscapes. There are lush, wild green forests.

And unique, majestic caves. The Tu Lan Cave System has more than 10 large and small caves with special cave structures. And a system of colorful and diverse stalactites.

Mixed in with that is the romantic and serene beauty of a rural village nestled in the valley.

All the natural and artificial factors have created a unique characteristic specifically for this land.

When visiting here, tourists will surely have many interesting experiences.

The People of Tan Hoa Village

The people living in Tan Hoa Village are called Nguon people, belonging to the Vietnamese-Muong community.

They still use their own language, which is Nguon language. And they have some distinctive cultural traits. A rich treasure trove of folklore and historical stories. Unique folk melodies such as hò thuốc ca, đàn đúm, lullabies…

Tan Hoa Village carries its own unique and rich cultural characteristics, blending among various ethnic groups

Their livelihood mainly relies on hunting, farming, fishing, and beekeeping.

The cuisine also has its own unique flavor, bearing the essence of the simple, rustic life of the people here.


The unique features of a village that has overcome hardships and challenges. Creating a more beautiful life through development oriented towards adapting to weather conditions.

The locals have learned to utilize the simple, rustic things and the surrounding nature to develop tourism. This helps create a more stable and prosperous life.

The distinctive and diverse cultural traits blending among different ethnic groups.

The people are friendly, relaxed, open-minded, and extremely welcoming to visitors.

And there are many interesting things to come here to enjoy and explore. Only then can tourists truly feel the unique essence of the only Vietnamese village rated as the best in the world.


Staying in the homestays prepared and designed by the locals. These homestays are quite special, designed to adapt to harsh weather conditions. Despite being simple, they are extremely cozy, clean, and fully equipped with necessary amenities.

Joining a bike tour to explore the village life, cornfields, and admire the natural scenery. You can participate in hands-on production experiences with manual labor tools alongside the local laborers. Visitors will be warmly guided by the locals through these activities, providing enjoyable experiences.

Enjoying meals with the local families, including the characteristic dishes of the people here. At the same time, you can have conversations to learn more about the culture and people of the Nguon community.

Visitors can also opt for more adventurous activities such as driving off-road trikes through the jungle to fully explore the pristine natural beauty and fascinating aspects of the dense forest.

You can sign up for a trekking tour to explore the famous Tu Lan Cave System. This is an adventurous exploration tour with activities such as swimming through underground rivers, admiring stalactites, and camping in the middle of the forest.

Suggested Itinerary for Exploring Tan Hoa Village

With the experience of DanangPrivateCar.com, a 2-day, 1-night trip to Tan Hoa Village is sufficient to fully explore its memorable experiences. Here is our suggested itinerary:

Day 1

Off-road Driving through Lim Forest

This adventurous experience offers new sensations. Visitors will get acquainted with ATVs, self-driving through paths, streams, and exploring the pristine forest. The highlight of the journey is a tunnel section reminiscent of the setting of the film “Kong: Skull Island,” which was shot here. The experience lasts about 2 hours.

Tourists drive ATV off-road vehicles to explore the jungle
Tourists drive ATV off-road vehicles to explore the jungle

Driving an ATV is not difficult, and it takes only a short time to get used to it. People aged 16 and over can drive. “The vehicle feels like it might tip over, but it actually balances well,” says the guide.

Visitors should prepare appropriate clothing, such as long sleeves or arm guards, to avoid scratches when moving through the forest. Those unable to drive can choose to sit behind the guide or technical advisors.

Lunch at Tu Lan Lodge

After the forest activity, visitors return to the reception area and restaurant for lunch with Vietnamese dishes such as rice with morning glory, braised fish, fried chicken, and other traditional dishes. Western food options like pasta, bread, or soup are also available.

Cycling to Explore Village Life

A must-do experience here is learning about the customs, traditions, and culture of the Nguon people, how the residents of Tan Hoa live with floods, and how they adapt to the weather to develop tourism.

On the quiet and peaceful village roads with fresh nature, visitors can cycle and learn how floating houses work during the flood season.

Currently, there are about 700 floating houses in the village. These houses have roofs and walls made of corrugated iron, wooden pillars, and beams, with empty barrels arranged underneath. Each corner of the house has tall pillars. When the floodwaters rise, the house floats along with the water level. The pillars help keep the house stationary, preventing it from drifting away.

Tan Hoa has become more prosperous since engaging in tourism. Hundreds of people have stable jobs and good incomes, with each household earning about 10-12 million VND per month from homestay services, food and beverage, supplying food, porters, and tour guides.

Dinner at a Local Home

Around 6 PM, visitors will go to a local household to enjoy dinner prepared by the host, with dishes they often eat. This activity is highly rated by many visitors as a special experience in Tan Hoa.

Dinner at a local’s house in Tan Hoa

Truong Thi Quy, one of the hosts welcoming tourists in the village, shares that during the day she still grazes buffalo, cuts grass, and then goes to the market to cook for guests in the evening. Some family members also help her. The dinner typically includes 7-8 dishes made from local ingredients, featuring corn cakes, Quang Binh spring rolls, stream fish dishes, and homegrown vegetables.

Overnight at a Homestay

The flood-proof houses have been renovated with many amenities to serve tourists. Each house covers an area of 25 to 40 m², suitable for 1-3 people, with electricity, water, and a bathroom. Visitors can also choose to stay at Tu Lan Lodge for more upscale services.

A homestay owned by a Tan Hoa resident

There are no community activities in the evening. Residents go to bed early to prepare for farm work the next morning. Visitors can choose their entertainment activities in groups.

Day 2

Watch the Sunrise and Have Breakfast in the Village

Breakfast is served at the homestay or Tu Lan Lodge, mainly with quick meals. The morning air here is fresh, and the scenery is beautiful. Depending on the weather, visitors may see floating clouds or sunrays piercing through the surrounding mountains.

Exploring Chuot Cave (Mouse Cave)

After breakfast, a guide will lead visitors on a walk along Hollywood Road (a road invested in by Legendary Pictures during filming) to visit the setting of the “Kong” film, crossing the Rao Nan River. After crossing the river, visitors continue walking up a small slope for about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of Chuot Cave (Mouse Cave).

Chuot Cave (Mouse Cave) is a dry cave over 400 meters long, connecting Tan Hoa Village with Laken Valley on the other side of the mountain range. Visitors are equipped with helmets, headlamps, and safety gear to explore the cave. Though small, the cave boasts magnificent stalactites, a high vault, and a wide, heart-shaped entrance.

After the 3-hour cave exploration, visitors return to the Tan Hoa center by noon, have lunch, rest, and then head back to Phong Nha or Dong Hoi.

Tan Hoa Village becoming the best tourist village in the world is a significant milestone that helps improve the lives of the people in Tan Hoa. Additionally, it introduces to the world a destination where tourists can come to experience wonderful things not found everywhere. With its inherent potential, the best tourist village in the world, Tan Hoa, is sure to develop remarkably in the future. If you have already visited Quang Binh, come once to experience the blending beauty of nature with the unique artificial beauty of this Tan Hoa land.