Quang Noodles are ranked among the top 20 specialties of Da Nang that are worth trying as gifts when visiting this region. Although it is a simple dish, it is very popular among guests. Quang Noodles served with rice paper make for a fantastic combination. Check out the Quang Noodle restaurants in Da Nang recommended by DanangPrivateCar.com’s below. With prices starting at only 20,000 VND, you can be assured of both deliciousness and cleanliness, all at an affordable price.

Explore 12 Delicious Quang Noodle Restaurants in Da Nang

Quang Noodles at Bà Mua in Danang

If you ask me, “Where to eat delicious Quang noodles in Da Nang?” then let me tell you, it’s Bà Mua’s Quang noodles. This is one of the 30 familiar breakfast spots for locals in Da Nang. Its fame attracts many tourists as well. Enjoy the delicious aroma of their noodles, which has made Quang noodles a local specialty.

The Quang Noodle Ba Mua – Delicious Dish in Da Nang System

Bà Mua offers a wide variety of options on their menu. You can order shrimp and meat noodles, beef noodles, chicken noodles, cuttlefish noodles, frog noodles, and more. No matter your taste preferences, Bà Mua is sure to satisfy them all.

  • Address: 19-21 Trần Bình Trọng, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Price: 25,000 – 44,000 VND

Frog Quang Noodles at Bếp Trang – A Famous Quang Noodle Restaurant

When you travel to Danang and don’t try Quang noodles, you’re truly missing out. Bếp Trang, a Quang noodle restaurant in Hai Chau District, Danang, is a high-quality choice for food enthusiasts. They use fragrant and nutritious frog meat along with various fresh vegetables as accompaniments.

Frog Quang Noodles at Bếp Trang

Of course, seafood is an essential part of Quang noodles. The more you eat, the more you’ll crave this delightful dish.

  • Addresses:
    • 10 Hà Bổng, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 441 Ông Ích Khiêm, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 26 Lê Hồng Phong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 186 – 188 Phan Châu Trinh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM Price: 25,000 – 44,000 VND/bowl

Delicious Quang Noodles in Thanh Khê District – Hương Quê Quang Noodle Restaurant

If you choose a hotel in Thanh Khê District as your base for exploring Da Nang, then head to Hương Quê Quang Noodle Restaurant for breakfast a day before your adventure. Besides their famous frog Quang noodles, Hương Quê also serves Quang noodles with snakehead fish, eel, and chicken.

  • Address: 78 Phan Thanh, Thanh Khê District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 20,000 – 30,000 VND/bowl

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Quang Noodles 1A – A Delicious Dining Spot in Da Nang

Quang Noodles 1A is the go-to place for authentic Quang noodles. It’s not just about the noodles; it’s also one of the affordable dining spots in Da Nang. You can enjoy a wide variety of delicious, clean, and reasonably priced dishes here. With professional and friendly service, you won’t want to leave.

Quang Noodles 1A makes customers want to come back again and again
  • Address: 1A Hai Phong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 15,000 – 39,000 VND

Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang – Quang Noodles Bích

Many reviews have selected Bích as the best place for Quang noodles in Da Nang. The reason is that they serve incredibly delicious Quang noodles at an affordable price, starting from just 20,000 VND per bowl. The bowls are filled with frog, fish, and chicken, accompanied by grilled rice paper and fresh herbs for a true coastal delicacy.

Quang Noodles Bich serves until 9:00 PM every day.
  • Address: Located in Liên Chiểu District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 20,000 – 25,000 VND/bowl

Bà Vị Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Bà Vị Quang Noodle Restaurant is the oldest establishment in Da Nang. This is why it has gained recognition and become a renowned brand. It never disappoints diners with its traditional preparation of Quang noodles, resulting in fragrant and unique flavors.

At Bà Vị’s restaurant, they use fresh and delicious seafood to bring a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Not only does Bà Vị serve Quang noodles, but it also offers various dishes such as fish soup, Da Nang-style grilled fish noodle, and chicken Quang noodles. Bà Vị is a great place to have a delicious breakfast in Da Nang.

  • Address: 66 Lê Đình Dương, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 30,000 – 55,000 VND/bowl

Cô Sáu Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Cô Sáu Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang is worth adding to your list before you visit. While not as famous as some other places, the Quang noodles here are absolutely delightful. From the tangy broth to the soft noodles, coupled with a clean environment and enthusiastic owner, you’ll have a satisfying meal.

  • Address: 37B Phạm Quảng Ảnh, Sơn Trà District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 10,000 – 45,000 VND/bowl

Tam Restaurant – Delicious Snakehead Fish Quang Noodles in Da Nang

If you’re looking for Quang noodles with snakehead fish in Da Nang, Tam Restaurant is the perfect choice. The owner meticulously prepares the snakehead fish, enhancing the taste by removing the fishy and bitter flavors. Along with a generous portion of noodles, you’ll get a variety of fresh vegetables to enjoy as you please. With prices starting at only 20,000 VND per bowl, Tam Restaurant is a familiar spot for many students.

Tam restaurant – A Delicious Catfish Quang Noodle Restaurant
  • Address: 65 Vũ Ngọc Phan, Liên Chiểu District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 18,000 – 25,000 VND/bowl

Jellyfish Quang Noodles in Da Nang

Unlike other restaurants, Jellyfish Quang Noodles in Da Nang is only open in the morning and at noon. So if you want to try their jellyfish Quang noodles, one of the delicious Quang noodle options in Da Nang, make sure to arrive early.

The bowl of noodles becomes more flavorful thanks to the sauce and the broth from simmered bones
  • Address: 59 Lê Hồng Phong, Phước Ninh, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Price: 30,000 – 70,000 VND/bowl

Bà Ngân’s Quang Noodles – Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang

Bà Ngân’s Quang noodles are known as one of the busiest breakfast spots in Da Nang. Quang noodles are considered the specialty of the restaurant, with hundreds of servings daily. You can also enjoy pork rice paper rolls, bánh bèo, bánh xèo, and various other local dishes.

  • Address: 108 Đống Đa, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 15,000 – 30,000 VND/bowl

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Ngọc Chi Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Ngọc Chi is located near Da Nang Airport and offers a variety of Quang noodles, including frog, chicken, fish, and beef. They also serve pork rice paper rolls, bánh bèo, and other Da Nang specialties. It’s worth noting that Ngọc Chi is a vegetarian restaurant, so all dishes are made with plant-based ingredients, ensuring a unique but delicious flavor.

  • Address: 202 Hoàng Diệu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 10,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Hai Man Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang – Delicious and Affordable

Whether you prefer frog, chicken, or seafood in your Quang noodles, Hải Mân Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang is ready to serve you. They use fresh seafood caught on the same day to ensure a flavorful and aromatic bowl of noodles. Their handmade noodles are of high quality, making for a delicious meal.

The broth is sweet, aromatic, and tantalizing to the senses, especially when enjoyed with fresh and delicious greens
The broth is sweet, aromatic, and tantalizing to the senses, especially when enjoyed with fresh and delicious greens
  • Address: 205 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0235394184

Revealing the Recipe for Delicious and Authentic Da Nang Quang Noodles

If you’re searching for ‘how to cook Quang noodles,’ you’ll find numerous recipes. From chicken Quang noodles to frog, pork, or seafood variations, there are many ways to prepare them. However, the preparation for most types of Quang noodles is quite similar. That’s why we’ll guide you through making the most common shrimp and meat Quang noodles.

Ingredients for Super Delicious Da Nang Quang Noodles:

  • Quang noodle strands: About 500g
  • Pork belly: 500 – 600g
  • Pork bones: 500g
  • Shrimp: 400g
  • Peanuts: 100g
  • Quail eggs: 20 eggs
  • Lemongrass: 10g
  • Various fresh vegetables: Mint, banana flowers, water spinach, Vietnamese coriander, bean sprouts
  • Accompaniments: Grilled rice paper, lime, chili
  • Appropriate seasonings: Star anise, fish sauce, salt, sugar, etc.
The process of making authentic Quang noodles.

Steps to Prepare Authentic Quang Noodles:

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients:

  • Rinse and remove the heads and legs of the shrimp.
  • Blanch the pork and bones in boiling water, then slice the pork into bite-sized pieces.
  • Peel the quail eggs.
  • Roast the peanuts until golden brown and remove the shells.
  • Clean the fresh vegetables and soak them in salted water for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Broth and Marinate the Ingredients:

  • In a separate bowl, marinate the sliced pork belly and shrimp with salt, MSG, pepper, oil, minced lemongrass, and finely chopped shallots. Marinate for about 20 minutes.
  • Place the pork bones in a pot with 3 liters of water and simmer. Skim off any impurities that rise to the surface and simmer on low heat for about 50 minutes.

Step 3: Sauté the Shrimp and Pork:

  • Heat some oil in a pan, add the shrimp and sauté until they turn golden. Then add the marinated pork and stir-fry for about 5 minutes. Next, add the quail eggs and continue stir-frying.
  • Add about 2 bowls of the prepared broth to the pan, season with spices, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Quang Noodles:

  • Place the Quang noodles in a large bowl, add the sautéed shrimp, pork, and eggs. Finally, pour in the pork bone broth and season to taste

Important Tips for Cooking Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang:

  • Choose fresh and live shrimp and meat for cooking Da Nang Quang noodles. Only high-quality ingredients will result in delicious, fragrant, and nutritious noodles.
  • Avoid using shrimp paste as it can make the shrimp taste fishy.
  • When sautéing the shrimp and meat, ensure that they are fully cooked before adding water to reduce any fishy taste.
  • Prior to cooking, it’s advisable to blanch the pork and bones to remove any impurities and dirt.

Da Nang Quang Noodles and Things You Might Not Know

How much does Quang noodles cost?

As a popular dish among the people of Quang region, Quang noodles typically range in price from 20,000 to 50,000 VND per bowl. In today’s economic climate, where you can have a nutritious and delicious breakfast for just a few tens of thousands of VND, it’s indeed an affordable option.

The origin of Quang noodles

Determining the exact origin of Quang noodles is quite challenging, and even the Quang noodle eateries in Da Nang may not know for sure. According to historical records, Hoi An was once an international trading port where bustling trade activities took place. This port city attracted people from various places, leading to the influx of different lifestyles and culinary influences.

Some Chinese immigrants settled in the Quang region, engaging in trade and bringing with them Chinese dishes to Hoi An. This is one reason why some people find Quang noodles to have flavors reminiscent of Chinese cuisine.

To adapt to Vietnamese tastes, Quang noodles underwent various modifications and became a culinary gem of the Quang region, loved by everyone.

The chewy and crispy noodles create unique characteristics
The chewy and crispy noodles create unique characteristics

What are the distinctive features of Da Nang Quang noodles?

While still preserving the essence of Quang noodles from the time when Da Nang and Hoi An were in the same administrative region, Da Nang’s Quang noodles have their own unique characteristics. These noodles are made from handcrafted rice flour. The noodles are made from the finest rice and are ground into flour, which is then shaped into noodles of just the right thickness and texture.

In a bowl of Da Nang Quang noodles, you’ll find meat, chicken, frog, or shrimp that has been cooked. When eating, only a small amount of broth is added, just enough to moisten the noodles but not drown them, unlike in dishes like pho or bun.

Enjoying a bowl of Da Nang Quang noodles is not just a treat for your taste buds. It’s also a sensory experience that connects you to the culture, character, and love of the people of Quang. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, don’t miss out on the addresses mentioned above, as recommended by DanangPrivateCar.com’s. They are undoubtedly the best choices for experiencing the perfect taste of Quang noodles.

What to eat in Hoi An, immediately enjoy a bowl of delicious Quang Hoi An noodles. Save now 12 addresses that sell the most delicious and standard Quang noodles in Hoi An!

Quang Hoi An noodles are one of the specialties of Hoi An that are loved by many people. This typical dish of Hoi An cuisine is memorable with its rich, sweet and delicious taste. With lots of toppings, a bowl of Quang noodles will definitely help you recharge your energy to explore ancient Hoi An.

Hoi An Quang Noodles – full of Quang’s hometown flavor

In Hoi An, there are many kinds of Quang noodles such as chicken noodles, shrimp noodles, crab noodles, fish noodles, jellyfish noodles… Hoi An chicken noodles are made from fat hens, Hoi An fish noodles are made from live bream. at the Thu Bon River. Each type has its own unique features for visitors to choose freely.

Rice used to grind flour to make noodles must be delicious rice, grind thoroughly and finely with water from gardenia seeds. The broth needs to be seasoned and full of spices to have a sweet and attractive taste. People often add dry roasted peanuts, pounding, scallions, herbs, chopped chili.

To make the bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles more delicious, you should eat it with the famous Tra Que raw vegetables such as water spinach, chopped vegetables, mixed with herbs, basil, young banana buds, laksa leaves… In addition, diners It is also often used with roasted peanuts and sesame rice paper to create a unique flavor.

The harmonious combination in a bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles

Full flavor in a bowl of Quang noodles in Hoi (Photo: Collectibles)

delicious Quang noodle shops in Hoi An are reviewed by tourists

To enjoy the most delicious and authentic flavor of Quang Hoi An noodles , you should immediately visit the 12 coordinates of selling noodles that are loved by many people below.

Quang Co Van Hoi An Noodles

  • Address: 329 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Cam Chau Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 25,000 – 50,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00

Ms. Van’s restaurant attracts diners by the bowls of Quang Hoi An noodles filled with shrimp meat and extremely affordable prices. Located in the city center, the shop is loved for its rich broth, supple noodles, varied toppings and fresh vegetables.

The service staff of the restaurant is also very friendly, and the food is quite fast. Ms. Van’s restaurant has a spacious and airy space, perfect for you to enjoy a hot, delicious bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles.

Where is Quang Hoi An noodles delicious? Miss Ha Quang Noodles

  • Address: No. 2 Thai Phien Street, Minh An Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Located in the busy old town, Quang Hoi An Sister Ha noodle shop is both cheap and delicious, so it is a familiar dining address for many tourists. The restaurant is spacious, clean and extremely airy.

Ha’s Quang Hoi An noodles are white, very fresh, and quite small. The broth is seasoned just right, the meat and shrimp are very tasty. Topping comes with a variety of quail eggs, peanuts, rice paper, vegetables, green peppers…

 The charming taste from a bowl of Quang noodles makes visitors remember forever 

The charming taste from a bowl of Quang noodles makes visitors remember forever

Quang Co Bich Hoi An Noodles

  • Address: 272 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 40,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6:30 – 20:00

Quang Hoi An noodle shop, Ms. Bich is impressed by the airy, clean space and the tables and chairs are always neatly arranged. Extremely hospitable and enthusiastic staff is also a huge plus point of the restaurant.

Coming to Co Bich restaurant, you will enjoy delicious bowls of Quang noodles, filled with shrimp, meat, vegetables and crispy sesame rice paper. The seductive taste spreads throughout the mouth, making you remember it forever.

Quang noodles at Quang Ba Xuy noodle shop

  • Address: 34 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Minh An Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 40,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00

Quang Hoi An Ba Xuy Noodles has existed for a long time and is a favorite restaurant of many locals. The way to cook Quang Hoi An noodles here is also quite different, the noodles are ironed by hand, so they are soft and extremely supple.

At the shop, there are delicious seafood Quang noodles and delicious chicken Quang noodles. The space is designed in a classic style, so many people come to check-in and enjoy the delicious bowl of Quang noodles.

Quang Ba Minh Hoi An Noodles – cool and delicious taste

  • Address: 137 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Minh An Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 25,000 – 50,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Quang Ba Minh noodles are familiar coordinates to eat delicious Quang Hoi An noodles in the right way. With 45 years of experience, the restaurant has a standard traditional recipe and a variety of dishes, creating something new for diners.

The bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles has an eye-catching color with the green of the vegetables, the yellow of the noodles, mixed with quail eggs, shrimp, and delicious meat. You will both enjoy a bowl of Quang noodles full of delicious toppings, and enjoy the romantic scenery by the tranquil Thu Bon River.

Green Space Noodles

  • Address: 687 Hai Ba Trung Street, Minh An Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 9:30 – 20:30
  • Opening hours: 20,000 – 40,000 VND

Green Space is a shop selling Quang Hoi An noodles with extremely affordable prices and delicious flavors, so it always attracts a lot of visitors. The spices are seasoned to fit, bearing the unique characteristics of Hoi town.

The restaurant is quite spacious, clean and full of cool green trees. In addition to enjoying Quang noodles, you can also try Cao Lau, fried mussels, fried wontons, grilled pork vermicelli…

Quang Ong Hai noodles are famous in Hoi An, attracting customers

  • Address: No. 6A Truong Minh Luong Street, Cam Chau Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 40,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00

The most famous Ong Hai restaurant in Hoi An is remembered by the bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles with rich flavor and ancient space here. This destination familiar to both domestic and foreign tourists is decorated in harmony with the street scene with an old storey house, hanging lanterns in the front.

Located in a peaceful alley, Ong Hai restaurant sells super attractive Quang Phu Chiem noodles. Each day bowl 2 slices of pork belly, 1 slice of pork roll, 1 quail egg and 1 delicious fresh shrimp. The bowls of Quang noodles with sweet, smooth and greasy broth will surely make you fall in love.

Quang Noodles Hometown Hoi An – rich in Quang flavor

  • Address: 164/3 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Son Phong Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 30,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 21:00

Located in a small alley, Quang Hoi An Que Huong noodle shop is still attractive to tourists from near and far. Delicious bowls of Quang noodles with a taste of Quang origin with sweet broth, tender meat, homemade noodles and ecstatic fresh vegetables.

The restaurant has a beautiful space, designed in a traditional and rustic style. Unique processing, charming taste and professional service style here will surely make you satisfied.

Hoi An Sausage Quang Co Noodles

  • Address: 191 Nguyen Truong To Street, Minh An Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 20,000 – 40,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00

Sau’s noodle shop is located right next to the busy old town, and the price is quite cheap. The bowl of Quang noodles is big with chewy noodles, full of shrimp meat and vegetables, beautifully decorated.

At the restaurant, there is a light spicy fish sauce served with super delicious Quang noodles. Having been open for decades, Ms. Sau’s restaurant is always crowded, you need to be patient to enjoy this round bowl of Quang noodles.

Quang Co Sinh Noodles Hoi An

  • Address: 202 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Son Phong Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 20,000 – 25,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 13:00

What makes diners love Quang Co Sinh noodle shop is that the owner is always welcoming and the staff is super dedicated and enthusiastic. This place also attracts visitors with a bowl of hot, fragrant noodles with rich broth.

Whether you visit the shop in the morning or at noon, the vegetables here are always fresh and full. Raw vegetables are taken directly from Tra Que vegetable village. At the shop, there are only Quang chicken noodles and Quang Bo noodles, ensuring the deliciousness and thoughtfulness in each dish to bring visitors the most attractive taste.

Quang Hoi An noodles are one of the specialties that make up the “soul” of Hoi’s culinary culture. A full bowl of Quang noodles is a dish you must try when coming to the old town. With rich flavors and diverse toppings, Quang noodles will leave you with a memorable culinary memory every time you think of Hoi An ancient town.

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