Quang Ninh Museum is an extremely famous architectural landmark located along the shores of Ha Long Bay. It is considered a cultural hub, preserving many spiritual values of the beautiful Quang Ninh region. As an icon of Quang Ninh, it is a source of great pride for the local people. When visiting the museum, tourists will gain a better understanding of the people in this region and their unique cultural beauty. Let’s explore what makes this place so interesting and attractive to many visitors with DanangPrivateCar.com!

Introduction to Quang Ninh Museum

  • Address: Tran Quoc Nguyen – Hong Gai – Ha Long City – Quang Ninh
  • Opening Hours: Morning 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Afternoon 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Days of Operation: Open every day of the week except Monday
  • Reference Ticket Prices: Adults – 40,000 VND per person, Students – 20,000 VND (with ID), Children – 10,000 VND, Free for children under 1.20 meters

Quang Ninh Museum is situated in the Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh, approximately 7 kilometers from the city center. The museum preserves a multitude of long-standing historical values with unique artifacts deeply rooted in the region’s history and distinct characteristics related to the mining heritage. Designed by a renowned Spanish architect, the museum boasts a one-of-a-kind architectural design inspired by coal, a particularly famous mineral in the mining region. The construction was flawlessly designed to welcome visitors in 2013, leaving tourists awestruck by the interior space of the museum.

The Quang Ninh Museum and Library is a famous check-in spot

Quang Ninh Museum has received substantial investment and makes an impressive first impression on visitors, notably with its unique black glass exterior that exudes a sense of mystery while elegantly reflecting the beautiful Ha Long Bay. Amidst the myriad of dazzling caves and captivating natural landscapes, Quang Ninh Museum maintains a strong and unique allure.

Directions to Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum is located on Tran Quoc Nguyen Street, near the famous Hon Gai Beach, in the eastern part of the city and approximately 7.1 kilometers away from Ha Long City. With this strategic location, you can easily reach Quang Ninh Museum following the directions provided by DanangPrivateCar.com.

Moving to the Quang Ninh museum is quite easy

From the city center of Ha Long, you can take the following route: QL18 -> Tran Hung Dao Street -> Tran Quoc Nguyen Street, and you will arrive at Quang Ninh Museum. The travel time for this journey is about 10 minutes, and the traffic conditions are generally stable, so you can travel with peace of mind.

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Discovering Quang Ninh Museum – What Makes It Special?

Certainly, when the topic of museums comes up, many tourists might find it to be a dull experience, suitable only for those who enjoy exploration and learning. However, your perspective will quickly change once you set foot in Quang Ninh Museum.

Unique Architecture of Quang Ninh Museum, Like a Mysterious Black Pearl

Quang Ninh Museum was built with a massive budget and, upon completion, it left many visitors in awe of its grandeur and eye-catching design, sparking curiosity in everyone. The museum’s exterior is incredibly appealing, surrounded by black glass. It’s often compared to a giant mirror reflecting the magnificent scenery of Ha Long.

The impressive architecture of the museum when viewed from the outside

The museum’s unique square-shaped design sets it apart from conventional museums. Its primary black color evokes thoughts of a black pearl, a rare and precious gem found under the sea in Ha Long. The architect has created a beautifully balanced blend of traditional and modern elements. The exterior not only attracts visitors with its black glass, but even small details like the font are striking and eye-catching. This makes it one of the most sought-after check-in spots in Quang Ninh.

A Captivating Treasury of Living Art

Quang Ninh Museum doesn’t just captivate with its impressive exterior; stepping inside will amaze many travelers even more. The interior offers a spacious, light, and cool white-toned space. The third floor of Quang Ninh Museum is dedicated to thematic exhibitions that provide fascinating information and detailed insights into the nature and people of the region.

Floor 1: The Marine and Natural Space

The first floor of Quang Ninh Museum showcases a theme related to the sea and nature. Here, visitors have the opportunity to admire the entire skeletons of large whales and sharks. The LED screen brightens up the large space, providing valuable insights into the history of ocean evolution. If you have a love for nature and the sea, the first floor is a must-visit.

Area of the 1st floor of the museum

Floor 2: Preserving a Wealth of Historical Values

Moving up to the second floor, visitors may feel like they’ve traveled back in time to various historical periods: prehistoric, ancient, and modern. Each area is uniquely recreated, portraying the everyday life of the people of Quang Ninh during different eras. Furthermore, on this floor, you can explore famous historical relics of Quang Ninh, such as Dong Yen Tu Pagoda, Ba Vang Pagoda, and Halong Bay.

Area of the 2st floor of the museum

Floor 3: Understanding the History of Coal Mining

After visiting the second floor, tourists continue to the third floor. Many are already aware that Quang Ninh is a significant coal mining province. Thus, the third floor is entirely dedicated to the details of this industry. Meticulously crafted models provide a perfect depiction of the labor involved in coal mining, helping visitors gain a better understanding of the daily, arduous work involved in this industry.

Experience coal mining at the 3rd floor of the museum

Tourist Attractions Near Quang Ninh Museum

After exploring the entire Quang Ninh Museum, you can visit several other nearby attractions to make your tour even more exciting. Here are some places you can consider:

Bai Chay Bridge – A Prominent Landmark in Ha Long

Bai Chay Bridge is located on National Highway 18, serving as a link between Bai Chay and Hon Gai. The bridge, with a length of approximately 903 meters, is designed in a cable-stayed style, resembling a graceful silk ribbon when viewed from a distance, spanning the Cua Luc River. The bridge’s combination with the surrounding scenery adds to its charm, making it a fantastic sight, especially in the evenings when visitors can admire the dazzling lights, a must-visit spot.

Bai Chay Bridge

Bai Tho Mountain – Full View of the Beauty of Ha Long Bay

Bai Tho Mountain is an ideal location for admiring the entire Quang Ninh Bay’s scenery. This limestone mountain has a captivating shape that acts as a highlight for Ha Long Bay. Located in the center of Ha Long City, there are stone steles on the mountain where you can take iconic photos. The hike to the top is not too long, and when you conquer this mountain, you won’t be disappointed as you’ll be greeted with a stunning view of Ha Long. Bai Tho Mountain has preserved many famous poems by King Le Thanh Tong and Trinh Cuong. From the summit, you can overlook the scene of boats anchoring and the vast, beautiful, and boundless blue sea.

Bai Tho Mountain

However, currently, Bai Tho Mountain is temporarily closed for safety reasons. Visitors can still explore and wander around to admire the scenery below. If you plan to visit, please check the local status.

Long Tien Ancient Temple – A Sacred Temple

Long Tien Temple is a sacred temple in Quang Ninh known to many tourists. Situated at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain, this large temple is located on a street named “Cong tiên,” holding significant historical and cultural value in Ha Long. Located in a prime location with a tranquil atmosphere, it is suitable for spiritual activities and worship. Particularly during Tet (Lunar New Year), both local and distant visitors come here to pay their respects and pray for a lucky and peaceful year. The large temple area provides a comprehensive view, so plan to spend some time exploring this place. If you seek a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of life, Long Tien Ancient Temple is an ideal retreat.

Long Tien Ancient Temple

Sun World Amusement Complex

Sun World Ha Long Amusement Complex is a vast entertainment complex spanning approximately 214 hectares. It is owned by the Sun Group, which has made significant investments to create a world-class, modern entertainment destination in Southeast Asia. This complex features a wide range of international-standard amusement parks, including Dragon Park, Typhoon Park, and Queen Cable Car. Sun World is an entertainment complex with a beach, culinary experiences, and shopping options. Sun World offers thrilling activities, such as high-speed roller coasters, water parks, and more.

Sun World Ha Long

Visitors can experience a cable car ride over the sea, with cabins accommodating up to 230 people, providing panoramic views of Ha Long from above. Some must-visit attractions include the Japanese Garden, the Mysterious Castle, and the Sun Wheel, one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels. It’s an incredible experience, so when you visit Ha Long, make plans for this trip.

Some Things to Know When Visiting Quang Ninh Museum

  • To gain a better understanding of the significance of the artifacts, models, and the designed context at Quang Ninh Museum, you can hire a tour guide to accompany you. The price for hiring a tour guide for groups with fewer than 35 people is approximately 200,000 VND (Vietnamese-speaking guide) or 300,000 VND (English-speaking guide).
  • Additional fees apply if you wish to film or take photographs. Specifically: 100,000 VND for compact cameras, 200,000 VND for interchangeable lens cameras, and 300,000 to 500,000 VND for video cameras (for a duration of 1 to 3 hours).
  • There are certain rules and regulations in the museum, including: do not touch the artifacts, no smoking inside the museum, do not speak loudly, run or play around in the museum, and do not litter.

Currently, Quang Ninh Museum is an extremely renowned destination, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists. Quang Ninh Museum is a famous tourist spot in Ha Long, and if you have the opportunity to visit, be sure not to miss this attraction. This place is not only for exploring the traditional culture of the local people but also an ideal location for you to capture iconic photos that will last a lifetime.