If you are a travel enthusiast in the Central region, you definitely cannot ignore Quang Ngai. However, there is no airport in Quang Ngai. So if you want to go to Quang Ngai, you need to land at nearby airports in Quang Nam or Da Nang provinces . You can also combine Quang Ngai tourism with Da Nang. The first thing you need to pay attention to is how to get from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai . The following article will help you on your journey.

How far is Da Nang from Quang Ngai?

Da Nang and Quang Ngai are both in the South Central Coast region. The distance from Da Nang to Quang Ngai is 146km to the North. Distance from Airport to Quang Ngai is 150km, takes about 2h30p by car. If you go by bus or motorbike, the time will be much longer.

If you choose to move from Da Nang, this distance may be quite far. You should combine Da Nang tourism with Quang Ngai, enriching the experience and enriching the trip.

How to Get from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai

You can choose the means of transportation such as:

Da Nang airport taxi :

there are many reputable taxi companies that you can choose from: Vinasun Taxi, Tien Sa Taxi, …

Private Car With Driver:

4 – 7 – 16 – 29 – 45 seats vehicles suitable for diverse customer needs. With a large group, you should book a car 1 day in advance to make sure you have the best car. Especially during the peak tourist season, car fires easily happen, so you should pay attention to book a car in advance .

Self-driving motorbikes and cars:

With self-driving car rental, you should pay attention to car rental procedures and terms. Moreover, you need to master the steering wheel to keep the whole journey safe


a form of transportation that is increasingly popular with young people. Sitting on the train leisurely watching the scenery beyond the glass window. The sound of a tugboat along with the sound of the tracks will make your journey more interesting. Trains have 16 trains per day, procedures and fares are also suitable for most passengers. Ticket price from only 159,000 VND

Coach, bus:

not the best choice but definitely will help save more money

Private car with driver Da Nang – Quang Ngai

The most popular form of transportation is still the private airport shuttle. Da Nang private car service of Danang Private Car was born to help you simplify the form of transportation. Passengers who want to get from Da Nang  to Quang Ngai can visit website: Dichung.vn. Book a car in advance to ensure that the car will come and pick you up on time

Try using 1 day to visit Da Nang before moving to Quang Ngai. Here are the packages that Danang Private Car offers to passengers:




 Inclusion Private Car with driver can speak English, Petrol, Road tolls, Parking fee.
 Exclusion Meals, Guide, Entrance fee, Personal fee.

Link Book: https://danangprivatecar.com/tours/private-car-transfer-from-danang-to-quang-ngai/

The price list is for reference only. For exact prices, please contact hotline or website. Because the fare will be changed due to the impact of: time, place of transportation. Call to book a car +84 88 666 0396 (WhatsApp)

Note when booking

There are a few small notes for you when booking a car from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai at Danang Private Car. Please pay attention to make booking easier and not affect the experience

  • Booking a car in advance is sure to have a car. But for late night, early morning trips, please send your request before 19:00 the day before. If you submit a request after that time, wait for a support agent to contact you the next morning. For day trips, book 2h30 minutes in advance. If you want to rent large cars from 29 seats, please book 1 day in advance.
  • The price notified to you is the final price, committed to no hidden fees, additional fees
  • Danang Private Car for free and wait for the first 60 minutes at the airport. Free cancellation for any reason just 1 hour notice
  • Don’t forget to let Danangprivatecar.com know how you feel after the trip. If there is any reason why you are not satisfied, Danang Private Car will have a compensation policy.

So you have enough information to book a taxi from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai at Danang Private Car. Please contact the hotline now to book a car quickly, book in advance to make sure the car will come to pick you up on time

Ly Son has never “cooled down” on the tourist map of Vietnam. But in a way, this place is not crowded or crowded like other famous places. Ly Son is always beautiful, gentle and enchanting to anyone – an ideal place to have a “healing” trip from body to mind. Listen to Mavis Vi Vu Ky – a famous travel blogger who reveals her self-sufficient 3D2D Ly Son travel experience !

“Although it has been a few days since I left Ly Son, Mavis is still in awe of the image of a peaceful island, clear blue water and a beautiful picture in every corner .  – that is Mavis’s share after the trip to Ly Son.

Here are the Ly Son travel experiences that Mavis has summarized, let’s check it out!

When to go to Ly Son?

Going to the sea is best to go in the dry season. Ly Son’s beautiful beach season lasts from April to August every year. Blue sea and golden sunshine flooded on the fine white sand beaches.

How to get to Ly Son

  • From Saigon , I flew to Chu Lai airport and booked a taxi to Sa Ky port of Quang Ngai, priced at 450,000 VND/way.
  • From Sa Ky port , there are many trains to go to Ly Son. We all take the Super Speedboat East Sea , going 213,000 VND in the afternoon and 195,000 VND in the afternoon (travel time is about 45 minutes).
  • From Big Island to Small Island , you can travel by canoe, costing 120,000/round trip (only about 15 minutes away).
  • Moving on the island: both Big Island and Small Island have motorbike rental services right at the homestay!

Where to go, what to play when coming to Ly Son?

To make it easier to imagine, you understand that Ly Son has two main islands, Big Island and Small Island.

Particularly, Big Island will have 2 main arcs:

  • The first palace is: Duc pagoda, Bich Hoa street, To Vo gate
  • The remaining palace includes Hang Pagoda, Cau Cave, Thoi Loi mountain, flagpole and freshwater lake.

Be Island is smaller, including famous check-in points: Bai Ngang, three maple trees, wharf and An Binh mural village.

Map of Ly Son Big Island
Map of Ly Son Big Island

3D2D reference schedule from Mavis:

Day 0:

I took an evening flight from Saigon to Chu Lai airport, then took a taxi to my room near Sa Ky port.

Day 1:

  • Morning: Take the earliest high-speed train to Big Island – To Vo Gate – Bich Hoa Street – Chua Duc
  • Afternoon: Hang pagoda – National flagpole – Cau cave – Hunting sunset on Thoi Loi peak.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Mu Cu Lighthouse – Freshwater Lake – panoramic viewpoint of Ly Son
  • Noon: canoeing through Be Island – Korean Road – Bai Ngang (where there are colorful baskets and a diving spot to see corals).

Day 3:

  • Get up early in the morning to hunt for dawn – take pictures with the wharf – walk around An Binh mural village
  • At noon, take a canoe back to Big Island – take the train back to Sa Ky – take a taxi to the airport – fly back to Saigon.

Where to stay in Ly Son?

Sao Mai Hostel (Sa Ky port – 250,000 VND/night): clean, very close to the port, quite ok because only stay 1 night

Kitchen’s House (Lon Island): I highly recommend this place, the homestay decor is super pretty, the owner is cute and enthusiastic.

  • Facebook: Kitchen’s House
  • Reference price: 350,000 VND/night
  • Hotline: 0975 811 117 (see Ngan)

Wind Bien homestay (Be island): because I ran out of single rooms, I booked a room with 2 beds for 400,000 VND/night. The homestay is right next to the sea, there are many beautiful decor corners, near the wharf, there are a few more bungalows there.

Restaurants must try when coming to Ly Son

Ly Son Island doesn’t have too many choices of eating and drinking, I have eaten at some restaurants and found it quite satisfying.

Have breakfast:

  • Crab noodle soup right at the old wharf gate
  • Fish noodle soup opposite the old ticket office (from Cay Xanh cafe, you can see it through the eyes)


  • Thanh Loi restaurant: a popular restaurant with few dishes, but delicious and cheap
  • Ut Ngoc restaurant: more diverse with a menu of seafood rice, portion rice

Dinner: Tran seafood restaurant at the mural embankment road (from To Vo gate entering)


  • Xu Xa (must try this specialty, many shops sell it)
  • Tea and smoothie shops in the old wharf
  • Seaweed with garlic


These shops are all on Big Island, especially Be Island mainly serves food in the Bai Ngang area, but the homestays have food service from A to Z so you can order right at the homestay .

Ly Son travel experience – Things to note:

  • You need to buy a train ticket to go about 2 days before going to the Big Island, when you arrive, you need to buy a train ticket back to Ben Dinh port 1 day before returning lest you miss out on train tickets.
  • Check the weather forecast before you go to avoid rain or rough seas
  • Remember to buy a round-trip canoe ticket to Be Island (I asked the homestay to help me)
  • Pre-book a taxi from Chu Lai airport to Sa Ky, I contact the guesthouse in Sa Ky to book it to save time.
  • If possible, stay at Be Island for 1 night, this is a super peaceful island, clear water, very chill and pleasant atmosphere.

Ly Son Island is a peaceful island with charming poetic scenery and slow pace of life. If you are looking for a Vietnamese version of Hometown Cha Cha Cha, this place will not disappoint you. With Ly Son travel experience from Mavis – hope you will have a complete trip and lots of memories!

Le Thuy Quang Ngai Beach is known as the “ fairy ” that no one has woken up yet. Because of its irresistible, wild beauty, it exudes a peaceful and quiet sky. Explore the article now to see what’s interesting about the beach?

Where is Le Thuy beach in Quang Ngai?

Located in Le Thuy village, Binh Tri commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. A beach with peaceful, primitive beauty, extremely beautiful natural scenery.

The name is associated with the locality, so it is called Le Thuy . This feminine name has made many tourists choose as a great stopover for those who love nature.

If you come here for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the spontaneous arrangement of nature that nature bestows on man. Vast space, long sandy shore stretching along the curved coast, just like the crescent moon on the first day of the month.

What is beautiful about Le Thuy beach?

If you have the opportunity to take a tour of Ly Son island from Da Nang , looking at the beach from above will know why it is like a “crescent moon” that has not been awakened. Come and feel this greatness!

In addition, the development of tourism is still small, so the beach is always kept the most peaceful and natural features. In the distance along the coast are small fishing villages lying peacefully in the wind. The blending of nature with people has brought a perfect beauty that is rarely found anywhere like in Le Thuy beach.

Le Thuy Quang Ngai beach is up to 1km long, the sea water is very clear and clean. Along the sandy shore appeared the basket boats of the residents of the fishing village, adding beauty to the scenery here.

In addition, the undulating sedimentary rocks covered with waves, sometimes hidden, look interesting. This image, many people associate with turtles basking in the warm sun.

In addition, Le Thuy beach is located close to the Ganh Yen population . You can come here to conquer 70 vertical steps following the lava mountain to the sea. What could be better than that, right?

Interesting point in Le Thuy beach

Walking around the sea, sightseeing and taking many pictures is what Le Thuy beach brings. The white sand beach at your feet, the blue sea mixed with the clear blue sky is enough to give you a wonderful space scene.

Le Thuy beach is most beautiful in the late afternoon. When the tide begins to recede, the green moss clinging to each rock formation looks beautiful. The rocky beach has been associated with the people for a long time, so that is the beauty and indispensable part of the beach.

Besides, swimming is also very interesting here. The sea water is very cool, just jump in and struggle for a journey full of surprises. If you have a lot of time, you can experience the colorful coral reef diving here as well!

What to play at Le Thuy beach?

To make your trip to Quang Ngai memorable, you can experience riverside fishing with the fishermen here. You can even fish for squid at night. Although, the activities are a bit strenuous and difficult, but that’s what brings you unforgettable greatness.

In addition to fun activities, coming to Le Thuy beach in Quang Ngai do not forget to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes here. The variety of fresh seafood such as crab, squid, crab, etc. awakens the appetite of many people.

Where to go to Le Thuy beach in Quang Ngai?

Although possessing a very beautiful natural picture, tourism activities here have not really developed. Therefore, there are not too many large resorts or homestays here. Instead, budget hotels and motels let you stop.

The sandy beaches around the shore are very long, wide and clean, so it is possible to make tents for overnight camping. The feeling of lying on the soft sand, enjoying the cool breeze from the sea, or watching the stars and listening to the waves. Oh! It’s a very interesting thing, just thinking about it makes me feel excited.

Because, the place is still new, so it always keeps its original wild and quiet features. Come to Le Thuy Quang Ngai beach to explore and conquer! Good luck!