As a cultural and religious destination of the people of Da Nang city, Nam Son Pagoda possesses a majestic and pure beauty but is equally peaceful and poetic. With ancient royal architecture without lack of unique modern features, Nam Son Pagoda Da Nang brings a beauty of 1-0-2, this temple becomes a place not to be missed when coming to Da Nang.

Where is Nam Son Pagoda?

Located in Cam Nam, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city , Nam Son pagoda was built by the efforts and hands of Buddhist Nguyen Van Chau and some local Buddhists since 1962.

Through many restorations, now Venerable Thich Hue Phong is the abbot of the temple.

Not far from the center of Da Nang city, after only a few dozen minutes of driving, you have reached this temple. So, moving to Nam Son pagoda is not too difficult. Visitors can refer to Nam Son pagoda on Google Maps .

The beauty at Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang

Coming to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang, you will not be surprised by an extremely majestic, magnificent but very peaceful and peaceful scene. With its unique new appearance, Nam Son Pagoda seems to be not only a destination for Buddhists but also a sightseeing address that attracts many tourists from all over the world to admire.

From the moment you enter the gate, you will easily notice many red lanterns hanging along the path. A space that is both modern and a bit ancient right in front of your eyes. Nam Son Pagoda does not carry an ancient and quiet beauty. Or mysterious and fanciful features like ancient temples.

Unique architecture at Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang

The pagoda has the ancient central style, including many separate areas such as Zen Monastery, Vong Nguyet Communal House, Phong Sanh Lake, main hall, parking lot, welcome house… very convenient for visitors to visit. .

With a special stance, facing the Marble Mountains with his back leaning against the Truong Son mountain range, Nam Son Tu Pagoda in Da Nang has a dignified and solid character with its ancient beauty.

The rows of houses in the pagoda are gilded with many meticulous and elaborate carvings, imbued with oriental culture. Coming here, visitors will be most impressed with the main hall built in the architecture of three northern rooms with a little decoration like the outstanding Hue royal palace.

What areas to explore at Nam Son Pagoda?

Ho Phong Sanh

Phong Sanh Lake is located right in the center with clear turquoise water. The walkway across the lake is created in the shape of a cross, creating a crossroads leading to every nook and cranny.

Tripitaka Bridge

Although the bridge is quite short in length, it occupies a prominent position and is an indispensable highlight of the temple garden of Nam Son, Hoa Chau, Da Nang. The design of the bridge resembles a bow with a soft undulating curve in yellow-orange brick, set against the backdrop of green nature.

Vong Nguyet Communal House

Vong Nguyet Communal House is a place to watch the moon, so it is located in a spacious position, with an open view, so that everyone can direct their eyes to the sky, watch the clouds and the moon shine, and at the same time can direct their eyes. Go to the lake to see the fish swimming around.

Lantern tree

Nam Son Pagoda Da Nang is called by the name “Hoi An in the heart of Da Nang”, because dozens of red lanterns are hung on each tree, the lantern stands on one side of the main hall, creating a highlight for visitors.

Guest house area

Located in front of the temple grounds, the guest house area of ​​Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang is built with an open design, allowing visitors to comfortably stop to rest, enjoy tea and have a snack while watching the panoramic view of the sky. surrounding space.

Main hall

The majesty of the main hall in the temple forms the highlight in this space. Each design line of the main door shows the sophistication of the artisans.

Among them are the phoenix dragons like flying high on the pillars of the house, the ancient royal-style partition walls, gilded paint, etc. All create a luxurious and overwhelming appearance before the eyes of visitors. .

Nanshan Temple Garden

In the garden of Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang, visitors will be greeted by the sun and the wind in a fresh green space. With all kinds of flowers, trees, luxuriant fruits, bringing you lost in peace in the sacred place of Buddhism.

Some notes when coming to Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang

  • Need to speak softly, do not swear when entering temples
  • Go gently, don’t make any noise
  • Do not wear shorts, short skirts above the knee when visiting the temple, if necessary, actively ask to borrow a blue shirt to wear outside at the registration counter before entering the temple.
  • Filming and photography are only allowed in the outdoor premises and flower gardens.
  • In the main halls and auxiliary halls, visitors are not allowed to film and take pictures

Explore Nam Son Pagoda – Da Nang has many famous and sacred temples, but perhaps few people know about Nam Son Pagoda – an architecture with the beauty of a fairyland.

Let’s explore this mysterious temple with WDLDN. Discovering Nam Son Pagoda, Da Nang is known as the ‘fairytale place’ in the heart of the coastal city

Where is Nam Son Pagoda located?

Nam Son Pagoda is  located in Cam Nam in Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. Because of its location quite far from the center, this place is not known by many tourists. Thanks to that, the scenery here is always peaceful, giving visitors a feeling of purity and the space is likened to a small China in the heart of Da Thanh.

To get to the pagoda, from the center of Da Nang city go towards Cam Le bridge, after crossing the bridge go in the direction of Pham Hung street. Continue going straight until you see Mother Thu Street on the right, then turn in. When you get to Mother’s Road, you just need to ask the people around and they will direct you to the place. In addition, you can also use google map to find your way here.

Nam Son Pagoda – a fairyland in the heart of Da Thanh

Although Da Nang is not as bustling as Saigon, to find a temple that is both peaceful, quiet and has a beautiful scene like a fairyland is only at  Nam Son Pagoda . The pagoda was built in 1962 by fellow monk Nguyen Van Chau and his disciples.

Right from the moment you step into the temple gate, visitors will be attracted by the bright red lanterns decorated like an ancient architecture in ancient China. The more you go inside, the larger space will open up before your eyes, along with the massive and majestic works with ancient Vietnamese architecture mixed with a bit of ancient Chinese architecture.

With a total construction area of ​​more than 10,000m2, the pagoda is planned to include many areas such as Zen Monastery, hall, Pho Sanh lake, Chanh Dien, welcoming house, parking lot, etc. This is built in the form of a traditional horizontal house of Vietnam with the dominant red tile roof. It can be said that the main colors of the entire  Nam Son pagoda  are red and white. The red color of roof tiles, bricks, communal columns, red lanterns, the white color of painted walls.

Besides, a unique feature of the pagoda is the extremely sophisticated decorative and sculptural details. From the motifs on the roof tiles to the decoration on the brick walls, all show meticulousness and elaborateness. Overall, you will see that  Nam Son Pagoda is  like a majestic and ancient royal palace.

The garden space at  Nam Son pagoda is  also very pure and poetic. Pho Sanh Lake here is very large, above the lake surface is also built a corridor for tourists to scatter. Come here to listen to the murmuring water, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the peace to dispel all fatigue and sadness in life.

In the temple you can take pictures in the outside areas but when entering the main hall, you will not be able to take pictures. However, just the outside scenery is enough for you to bring back thousands of beautiful shimmering virtual living corners.