Landmark 81 is the ultimate hub for luxury entertainment and relaxation in Ho Chi Minh City. This building is renowned not only for its record-breaking height but also for its diverse and upscale entertainment services, allowing you to enjoy leisure, exploration, and virtual experiences to the fullest. Join to explore the hot Landmark 81 building in Ho Chi Minh City!

Overview of Landmark 81

Landmark 81 is widely known as the tallest building in Vietnam, soaring 81 stories high with a height of 462.3 meters. Thanks to its “sky-piercing” height, the building is visible from anywhere in the city. Since its inception, Landmark 81 has become a source of pride for the Vietnamese people, ranking among the top 10 tallest buildings in the world and attracting thousands of tourists annually.

Vinhome Landmark 81 Floors

The total area of Landmark 81 reaches 241,000 square meters, featuring a structure composed of 36 blocks of varying heights clustered together. The tallest block is positioned in the center, protruding upwards, creating a remarkably unique architectural feature. The design of Landmark draws inspiration from the traditional image of bamboo clusters, symbolizing strength, unity, and prosperity in Vietnamese culture. The unique design, craftsmanship, and meticulous selection of materials in construction have made Landmark 81 a distinct icon of Saigon.

Beyond its design, Landmark 81 leaves a lasting impression with its luxurious apartments, resort hotels, entertainment areas, restaurants, and the highest bars in Southeast Asia. With spacious and elegant surroundings, offering breathtaking city views, this place has become a favorite destination for young people seeking entertainment and photo opportunities.

Directions to Landmark 81

Landmark 81 is located at 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, right next to the picturesque Saigon River. With its central location, you can choose from various modes of transportation to get here, such as buses, taxis, Grab, or personal motorcycles. If opting for the bus, you can take routes like 104 or 53 from Thu Duc, route 6 from District 5, route 30 from Tan Phu, and route 150 starting from District 3.

Explore the hot Landmark 81 building in Saigon.

When using a personal motorcycle, you can start from the center of District 1 or Ben Thanh Market. If coming from District 1, pass through Dien Bien Phu Street, heading towards Hang Xanh intersection to reach Saigon Bridge. At the foot of the bridge, turn right onto Tran Trong Kim, passing through Ward 22 until you arrive.

If coming from Ben Thanh Market, follow Le Thanh Ton, turn left onto Truong Dinh, proceed until the section passing Tôn Duc Thang, then turn right and continue onto Nguyen Huu Canh. Keep going until you reach the entrance of Vinhomes Central Park, then turn right. Once inside, you will see the building. When arriving at Landmark 81, you can park your vehicle on levels B2 or B3, with a fee of 5,000 VND per vehicle.

Additionally, for convenient transportation, you can use the private car rental service with a driver in Ho Chi Minh City from With a professional team of drivers providing door-to-door service, it will ensure the fastest and safest journey to Landmark 81.

What to Experience at Landmark 81?

The floors of Landmark 81 are divided into three areas: the commercial center, residential area, and entertainment zone. Each area offers unique and unparalleled experiences.

Landmark 81 Skyview

At Landmark 81, you cannot miss the observation deck located on the top three floors. All three floors are surrounded by transparent glass, providing a panoramic view of Saigon from a record-breaking height. When the city lights up, the sensation of overlooking the glittering buildings and the flow of traffic from above will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

The 81st floor of Landmark is designed with utmost luxury and elegance, offering a breathtaking view. The sophisticated space here is sure to provide you with photo opportunities that will garner “millions of likes.” On this floor, you also have the chance to walk across a suspended glass bridge, witnessing the entire city directly beneath your feet, creating an exhilarating experience.

Floors 79 and 80 of Landmark 81 feature Miwaku Premium, an outdoor café and restaurant space perfect for enjoying a romantic dinner with family, friends, or loved ones. Additionally, the observation deck area of Landmark offers virtual reality bungee jumping from the top of the building for thrill-seekers.

Observation Deck Ticket Prices:

  • Monday to Friday: Adults – 300,000 VND/person; Children, seniors over 60, and persons with disabilities – 150,000 VND/person; Students – 200,000 VND/person.
  • Saturday, Sunday: 500,000 VND/person for adults and 250,000 VND/person for seniors, children, and persons with disabilities.

Vincom Ice Rink – Vietnam’s Largest Ice Skating Rink

Vincom Ice Rink is the largest ice skating rink in Vietnam, located on the B1 basement level. The rink is designed to international standards, covering an area of 2002m2, with a capacity of up to 205 guests. Vincom Ice Rink features modern cooling and ventilation systems, high-quality imported ice skates in various sizes, ensuring an enjoyable experience. The ticket price for adults is 200,000 VND per session, and for children, it is 150,000 VND per session.

Vincom Ice Rink is the largest ice skating rink in Vietnam

Shopping and Entertainment Paradise

Landmark 81 is renowned as the most modern and luxurious shopping and entertainment destination in Saigon. From B1 to the 5th floor of the building is a vast commercial center, bringing together many prominent brands. You can indulge in shopping for high-quality clothing, footwear, and cosmetics from brands such as Whoo, Sisley, Ohui, Kiehl’s, Clarins, Innisfree, and more.

Many prominent fashion brands are present at Landmark 81

A highlight of the building is the luxurious infinity pool located on the top floor. The open design provides a refreshing and close-to-nature experience. Here, you can immerse yourself in cool water while enjoying an expansive view of the Saigon River. The entrance fee to the pool is 220,000 VND per person.

Moreover, inside Landmark 81, there is a CGV cinema located on B1. CGV Landmark stands out for having the largest IMAX curved screen in Vietnam, measuring 22m in width and 12.4m in height, accompanied by an impressive sound system for a vivid cinematic experience. In addition, other floors of the building house over 30 restaurants offering a variety of dishes from different countries.

Sports Facilities

If you want to experience elite sports, be sure to visit the mini golf course at Landmark 81. Additionally, The Marina yacht club is a familiar stop for the “elite.” The Marina yacht dock is designed with modern luxury, following a contemporary style that is highly attractive. This is an ideal place for hosting events or meeting business partners.

Landmark 81 Park

The park at Landmark 81 captures the hearts of visitors with its refreshing green grass. The garden scene is modernly designed following the model of Japanese gardens. Intertwined with pedestrian pathways are green trees and unique fountain platforms. You can come here with family and friends to walk, date, play, skateboard, organize picnics, fly kites, and more.

Landmark 81 Park Boasts Many Beautiful Photo Spots

Notes when visiting Landmark 81

When visiting and enjoying Landmark 81, it’s essential to keep in mind the following tips:

  • If you’re unsure where to purchase tickets, you can seek assistance from the staff at the ticket counter. Entrance tickets are only valid for the day of purchase.
  • Tickets to the highest floors of the building do not include dining, entertainment, or pool services.
  • Upon entering the building, refrain from bringing pets, food, or items that may cause fire or explosions.
  • When in Landmark 81 Park, avoid stepping on the grass and littering to help maintain a clean environment.

When purchasing tickets to Landmark 81, you’ll have the opportunity to experience numerous games, experiential zones, resort services, indulge in culinary delights, and enjoy shopping to your heart’s content. So why not schedule a visit right away? Don’t forget to follow for more useful travel information!