raditional craft villages are part of the remaining historical and cultural heritage of Hoi An. This place is always a tourist attraction to visit. Among them is a famous craft village but very few tourists know about, Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An .

What is interesting in Kim Bong carpentry village is a question that many tourists are interested in? Choosing this as a destination in the Hoi An tour schedule , Kim Bong carpentry village will not disappoint you.

Visiting Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An


Hoi An tourism not only has Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que vegetable village but also other traditional craft villages. Kim Bong Carpentry Village is a craft village with a history of hundreds of years associated with Hoi An ancient houses.

Where is Kim Bong carpentry village?

  • Address: Trung Ha, Cam Kim, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Kim Bong village is opposite the ancient town of Hoi An, about 2km – 3km away. From the old town, visitors choose motorbikes, bicycles or boats as means of transportation here. The road to the carpentry village is easy to go and no one here does not know this craft village.

Ticket price to visit Kim Bong carpentry village


Kim Bong carpentry village is open to visitors every day of the week. Service time 24/7.

In particular, this is one of the places to visit with free tickets for tourists. Visitors only need to pay the personal service fee (dining, shopping for souvenirs, …).

Explore Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An


Kim Bong carpentry village in the past was a busy craft village, on the wharf under the busy trading boat. Today, that scene remains only in the memories of the elderly artisans. Kim Bong village still retains carpentry but the atmosphere is much more peaceful and quiet.

Traditional history more than 600 years old

The sixteenth and eighteenth centuries were the golden age of Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An. Kim Bong carpentry is developed with 3 groups: construction carpentry, civil carpentry and boat building.

The handicrafts area is located in the west of the village. The shipyard is on the east side. Today, the people of Kim Bong village still preserve their traditional craft and widely promote it to tourists.

Directly watching carpentry artists perform

There is a familiar sound of Kim Bong craft village before entering the village, visitors have heard it is the chisel and carving sound of the carpenter. Visiting Kim Bong village in Hoi An, visitors have the opportunity to be directly. Watch the carpenter at work.

The products made from extremely sophisticated carpentry have gone through many complicated stages. With talented hands and the mind of the artist, the artist has breathed life into the work.

Admire the wooden products of Kim Bong village


Products made by artisans of Kim Bong village have a very unique beauty unlike products in other carpentry villages. It is the typical pattern and motifs of the people of Hoi An ancient town .

Solid wood material has a natural shiny color and is extremely durable. The carpenter Kim Bong has skillfully used embossing and perforation techniques to produce vivid works of art.

Buy carpentry village gifts for relatives


Today, Kim Bong carpentry village tourism is also very developed. Therefore, handicrafts and souvenirs are diversified to serve domestic and foreign tourists.

So, at the end of the tour, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs as gifts. There are many shops selling, reasonably priced and publicly listed, so visitors do not have to worry about price cuts.

Enjoy delicious Hoi An specialties

Kim Bong village is located right next to the gentle Thu Bon river and next to the ancient town of Hoi An. Therefore, visitors can combine sightseeing and enjoying delicious specialties at the same time.

Hoi An is a culinary paradise. If you have come here, then take the time to eat Cao Lau, Quang noodles, bread, chicken rice, pound cake, mussels,…. Each dish has an addictive delicious taste for many visitors.

Kim Bong carpentry village tourism experience in Hoi An


Here are a few small notes to help you have a trip to Kim Bong Hoi An village with a lot of interesting experiences:

  • Be well prepared for the trip, as visitors walk a lot. So please wear sports shoes and comfortable clothes, prepare more hats, sunscreen
  • In the village, there is a bicycle rental service at a very cheap price for visitors in need
  • Kim Bong village has a very large ancestral anniversary held on January 6 every year. Coming to Kim Bong village on this day, visitors can participate in many unique cultural activities
  • It only takes 1 day to visit Kim Bong village and you will have discovered every corner of the village

Going back to Hoi An to Kim Bong carpentry village is to find the memories and beauty of a golden age. Check in Hoi An to Kim Bong village may not be a new tourist destination, but it is a destination that many tourists look forward to.

Transport To Kim Bong Hoi An Village

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