Hue Conical Hat is a traditional product, associated with the life of the people of the ancient capital. This is not only a prominent product in tradition but also brings a beauty of a Hue woman. When Traveling to Hue, you can choose to buy poetic hats as gifts for your mother, grandmother, and lover.

Where is the origin of Hue Conical hats?

Hue Conical Hat originated from Tay Ho villagePhu Ho communePhu Vang districtThua Thien Hue . This is a traditional profession in this village hundreds of years ago. It can be said that the birth of the conical hat was a coincidence. In 1960 Mr. Bui Quang Bac was an artist who had the idea to make conical hats. He pressed the verses on the two sides of the conical hat to enhance the beauty of the Hue Conical hat.

It was from that time that this craft village was preserved with a very elaborate and meticulous way of making hats, and especially on the hats, there were good verses about the river and the country of Vietnam. Hue conical hat today has appeared a lot on the market and has become a symbol, a traditional product kept in the ancient capital.

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Why is it called the poem Hue conical hat?

Hue Conical hat is one of the very special products it is associated with Hue women. Another name is the poem hat because the feature of this hat is that when you look under the light, you will see very delicate and skillful poems and patterns.

The feature of this hat is its very soft, ethereal shape. The cones have a bright white leaf color and add more color to the pattern lines. This is a work of art that only when you come to Hue, you can hold this special hat in your hand.

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Hue Conical hat creates a brand

The conical hats are made unlike the hats of many other localities. Depending on the customs and habits of each place, the conical leaves are made from different types of leaves. However, in Hue, the conical hat is picked from the South East, the leaves are selected long, the part is thin and soft.

The conical leaves are taken as young leaves that have not yet spread over 40cm long. Even the process to create a Hue hat is very different and makes a certain brand when it comes to the ancient capital.

Hue Conical Hat – The beauty associated with the daughter of the ancient capital

Hue poem conical hat is one of the souvenirs that tourists buy as gifts when coming to the ancient capital. To make the Hue hat more prominent, the artists have pressed more pictures of famous places such as Trang Tien bridge, Ngu mountain, Perfume river, etc.

The image of a gentle girl with a Hue hat in her hand has become a unique beauty in Hue. Just mentioning the conical hat, people immediately think of the poetic ancient capital and how beautiful the image of graceful girls in traditional ao dai is.

Instructions on how to make conical hats of Hue poems

In Hue today, there have appeared many craft villages making typical hats such as: La Ỷ village, Dong Di village, Nam Pho village, Phu Cam village, etc. When you look at a conical hat you will see very simple, slender, however, to make a great product is not easy. To be able to complete a hat, you will perform 3 main steps:

  • Creating frames and rims: This requires a lot of experience, meticulous, skillful hands. The frame is made from 12 thin beveled wooden slats, bunched together at the top, and spread out at the bottom. The brim of the hat is made from the trunk of a giant tree
  • Handling the conical leaves: After going to the forest to pick the conical leaves, I will select them and dry them. The leaves of the cone must be evenly ripened, keeping the light green color with moderate dryness. After that, the artists will proceed to create patterns on the surface of the hat
  • Sewing hats: The finishing step is stitching hats, you sew 3 stitches from the top to the brim every 1cm. The last rim will be used white thread to sew the needles will be 2cm apart

How much does Hue Conical hat cost?

Hats are a means of wearing on the head to cover the rain and sun, so you should choose a really good and durable hat. The average price of a good Hue poem hat will range from VND 100,000 to VND 140,000.

Where to buy Hue Conical hats?

When traveling to Hue , visitors can go directly to the hat-making villages to buy Hue poem conical hats from artisans at a very affordable price. In addition, conical hats are sold in many markets such as Dong Ba market, conical market, etc. Visitors can buy these Hue hats as gifts after their trip, which is great.

Some addresses selling hats for door-to-door delivery in Hue:

  • Hue Ba Hue conical hat
    • Address near Hue Citadel
    • Phone number: 0935098845
  • Hue Le Quan conical hat
    • Address: Lot G20 KQH Huong Long, Huong Binh Street, Hue City
    • Contact phone number: 0907081821
  • Conical hat Nguyen Thi Kiem
    • Address: Van The, Thuy Phong, Huong Thuy, Hue
    • Contact phone number: 0905422745

Hue Conical hat is associated with a very gentle image of Hue girl in particular and Vietnamese woman in general. Wearing an Ao Dai with a conical hat, you will surely save unforgettable memories when coming here. Hope you have a wonderful trip.