The picturesque island of Cat Ba, with its scenic landscapes, is gradually becoming a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Located right in the heart of Cat Ba town, next to Lan Ha Bay, the Cat Ba Market consists of the main market and the night market, which are open all day and night with hundreds of stalls offering food, souvenirs, dried seafood, and more. These markets have captured the hearts of visitors from all over.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Cat Ba Island, you should definitely not miss out on Cat Ba Market. It’s like a bustling miniature version of Cat Ba, where locals connect with tourists from all over the world. To help you have a memorable experience at Cat Ba Market, join in exploring this vibrant place!

Where is the Cat Ba Night Market? Directions to Cat Ba Night Market

The soul and heart of Cat Ba Island lie in its market area, which includes the Cat Ba Market and the Cat Ba Night Market. In addition to selling a variety of goods, from fresh seafood to souvenirs, the market is also a community hub for the residents of Cat Ba Island.

The market is located right in the center of Cat Ba town, near the slope of 1/4 Street, and is less than a 3-minute walk from the Fish Wharf Bridge. If you are in Cat Ba town, you just need to travel about 300 meters along 1/4 Street towards Cat Ba National Park to find the market.

Nightlife in Cat Ba

Additionally, you can use Google Maps to find your way to Cat Ba Market. If not, you can ask the locals for directions. Don’t worry or hesitate, as the people of Cat Ba are known for being very kind and friendly.

Meanwhile, the Cat Ba Night Market is situated at the Central Wharf Bridge, very close to the main Cat Ba Market. As its name suggests, the Cat Ba Night Market only opens in the evening and night. It primarily sells items such as souvenirs, toys, snacks, and famous Hai Phong dishes like coconut jelly and coconut coffee.

When does the Cat Ba Night Market open?

The Cat Ba Night Market starts operating from 6:00 PM, right after the main market closes. The busiest time is between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM. While the day market sells fresh and dried seafood, vegetables, and other food items, in the evening, the market mainly consists of souvenir shops, gift stalls, snack carts, clothing vendors, and various other goods.

Cat Ba night market is usually bustling and crowded

This lively and bustling night market usually ends around 1 or 2 AM, depending on the number of visitors. As mentioned, besides trading, the Cat Ba Night Market also serves as a community center for the people of Cat Ba. It attracts a diverse crowd, including motorbike taxi drivers, students, tourists, and locals, creating a bustling yet charming atmosphere right in the middle of the “pearl island” of Cat Ba.

Move to Cat Ba night market

First, if you want to visit Cat Ba night market, you have to go to Cat Ba island first. Most tourists from both domestic and international destinations usually move to Cat Ba island from Hanoi. You can choose buses, coaches, or tourist cars for transportation.

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What’s Exciting About Exploring Cat Ba Night Market?

Before delving into the attractions of the Cat Ba Night Market, let’s take a quick look at the main Cat Ba Market. As the largest market in Cat Ba town, it offers a wide range of goods to meet the needs of both local residents and tourists. Cat Ba Market is divided into three main sections with different types of products: the seafood area, the meat area, and the fruits and vegetables area.

Seafood Area

Mention Cat Ba, and fresh seafood comes to mind. The market offers a variety of seafood, with quality assured since it is caught directly from the sea and carefully preserved. Prices are standard, so visitors need not worry about being overcharged. The friendly vendors are approachable, and visitors are encouraged to ask about prices before making a purchase.

Here, the freshest and most delicious seafood is on display

Meat Area

This section is smaller than the seafood area and mainly sells meats like pork, beef, and chicken. Additionally, various types of seafood cakes such as squid cakes, fish cakes, and mantis shrimp cakes are made and sold directly at the stalls. These make excellent gifts for family and friends.

Fruits and Vegetables Area

The smallest section of the market, due to the island’s environment, the variety of produce is limited. Some vegetables are grown on the island, but most are imported from the mainland, making prices reasonable for consumers.

Regarding the Cat Ba Night Market, this is a major attraction for tourists due to its convenient central location in Cat Ba town. In the past, when tourism was less developed, the market mainly sold simple food items and a few craft stalls. Now, the Cat Ba Night Market has become a beloved symbol for tourists visiting Cat Ba. After a day of exploring the island, tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture at this vibrant market.

Not only does it offer a variety of handmade crafts and souvenirs, but it also features many delicious foods, making it a miniature food paradise of Cat Ba Island. The diverse and carefully prepared dishes reflect the dedication of the local people.

Abundant Fresh Seafood Dishes

As an island in the heart of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba boasts a rich and diverse seafood supply. The night market benefits from this abundance. Tourists can find a variety of seafood dishes at reasonable prices, including squid, oysters, octopus, sea fish, crabs, shrimp, and clams, all prepared from fresh ingredients right at the market, making them irresistible to visitors.

You can enjoy delicious fresh seafood dishes here.

Besides the typical seafood dishes of Cat Ba, dried seafood stalls offer local specialties worth trying. Items like dried baby crabs, garlic chili anchovies, and tamarind-flavored dried squid have clear price tags, ensuring no overcharging for both domestic and international tourists.

Snack Paradise

The Cat Ba Night Market is undoubtedly the top evening dining spot on the island. Affordable prices and delicious flavors attract even the most discerning visitors. Here are some must-try snacks at the night market:

  • Grilled Cartilage Sausage: Priced at only 8,000-10,000 VND each, this snack is popular among tourists of all ages for its affordable price and crispy texture.
Snack Paradise
  • Spicy Bread: Famous in Hai Phong, this spicy bread is also a hit in Cat Ba. For just 2,000 VND, visitors can enjoy a hand-length bread filled with pâté, meat, and a touch of chili sauce.
  • Mantis Shrimp Porridge: For 20,000 VND, you get a bowl full of ingredients like wood ear mushrooms, shiitake, fried shallots, and finely chopped mantis shrimp. It’s the perfect end to a long day of fun on Cat Ba Island.

Endless Souvenir Choices

Handmade souvenirs crafted by local artisans make meaningful gifts for family, friends, and loved ones. The market is lined with a variety of items, from T-shirts with Cat Ba images to pearl jewelry, bracelets, and keychains, offering plenty of options for every visitor.

Tips for Visiting Cat Ba Night Market

Cat Ba Night Market has a relatively large area, so you’ll need to move quite a bit between points. Therefore, it’s advisable to wear comfortable sneakers for easy mobility and avoid high heels.

Before making any purchases, always inquire about the prices beforehand. This advice stems from the fact that you shouldn’t spend too much time bargaining, as prices at Cat Ba Night Market are usually fixed and consistent across vendors.

Cat Ba Night Market and Cat Ba Market are two different markets, but they are located very close to each other. Hence, tourists need not worry about getting lost between the two. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for directions, as they are usually very helpful and friendly towards tourists.

Be cautious with your personal belongings, such as wallets or phones, as the market area tends to be crowded, and unfortunately, thefts can occur.

Only try a small portion of each dish because Cat Ba Night Market offers a wide variety of food. Eating too much of one dish may prevent you from enjoying other delicacies.

When selecting any item, whether it’s food or souvenirs, prioritize choosing from crowded stalls. This ensures quality and reduces the risk of purchasing counterfeit or fake goods.