Exploring Ha Giang at night always holds a unique allure. While visiting Ha Giang during the day impresses with its rugged, majestic beauty, Ha Giang at night seems even more mysterious. Let’s delve into Ha Giang at night through the activities and entertainment spots that I will share in the following article.

Campfire in Ha Giang at Night

Building a campfire in the evening is a unique cultural activity that you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Ha Giang. The campfire is a time when the spirit of unity soars, everyone gathers around, harmonizing to the same rhythm.

During this time, people will join together to sing characteristic songs of the Northwest region, cheering and having fun. Thanks to this, we can set aside the fatigue and worries of life to enjoy true happiness. Moreover, according to local beliefs, the campfire gathering is also a place for destiny to unite young men and women.

Building a campfire at night is a unique cultural activity that you shouldn’t miss

If your accommodation is a cultural village, a traditional stilt house of the locals, you can suggest to the host to organize a campfire, provided there are at least 10 participants. For those who go camping, you can build a fire at your campsite. While the fire burns, you can chat, exchange cultural experiences, and grill some food to enjoy, such as chicken, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc.

However, for tourists staying in guesthouses or hotels, it might be more challenging because few places offer campfire services. You can ask hotel staff or local residents if there is a suitable area nearby to organize one yourself. The cost will depend on your food and beverage needs, usually ranging from 300,000 to 700,000 VND.

Participating in the Fire Jumping Festival of the Pa Then People

If you travel to Bac Quang, Ha Giang during the Vietnamese lunar New Year or around the harvest season in October or November of the lunar calendar, you will have the opportunity to participate in the unique Fire Jumping Festival of the Pà Thẻn people. The locals believe that the fire jumping ritual expresses gratitude to the heavens, earth, and spiritual beings for bringing them a bountiful harvest season and to pray for luck in the coming year.

The festival consists of two parts: rituals and fire jumping. In the first 30 minutes, the shaman performs rituals to locate the “ghost” and call it to possess the participating young men, who sit opposite the shaman one by one.

Participating in the Fire Jumping Festival of the Pa Then People

The ritual ends when the bodies of the young men start trembling, signaling their strength and courage to jump into the red-hot charcoal. Following the shaman’s signal, each person jumps back and forth closer to the fire and then plunges into the blazing flames. Despite the absence of any protective layers, the feet of these young men remain unscathed and unaffected by burns.

Once the fire dies down and the charcoal is no longer hot, the young men stop jumping, and the shaman conducts a ritual to send off the “fire spirit” and the ghost. Everyone returns to a normal state. Additionally, any brave tourists can also request to participate. So, if you happen to visit Bac Quang, don’t miss out on this unique festival experience.

Gathering around the hearth in the stilt houses of the locals

With the freezing cold climate, sometimes dropping to 0 degrees Celsius in winter, fire plays an essential role for the people of Ha Giang. They see the hearth as a symbol of sturdy manhood, a cornerstone for the whole family. And it’s the women who keep that hearth warm and glowing. Thus, the image of the hearth becomes even more sacred than ever.

Gathering around the hearth in the stilt houses of the locals

You’ve probably heard of the stories of people gathering around the hearth, chatting, and enjoying hot tea. And it’s truly wonderful when you can experience that by choosing to stay at a homestay in the stilt houses of the locals. In winter, the hearth is almost kept burning all day.

Usually, after dinner, the hosts will invite guests to relax, gather around the hearth, and enjoy tea, local snacks like roasted peanuts, and candies. This is the best opportunity for tourists to learn more about the culture and people here through the interesting stories of the hosts.

Exploring Dong Van Ancient Town, Ha Giang at Night

If Dong Van is your evening resting place, don’t forget to explore this beautiful land. In contrast to its ancient charm during the day, Dong Van Ancient Town at night is a space filled with romance, adorned with bright golden lanterns under the cool weather. Perhaps that’s why this place is dubbed a miniature Dalat in Ha Giang.

Visiting Dong Van Ancient Town, tourists will be amazed by its scenery, tinted with the ancient colors of yin and yang-roofed houses. To move around more conveniently, people often rent motorcycles in Dong Van, Ha Giang, before heading to various entertainment spots.

Exploring the Ancient Beauty of Dong Van Old Town

If you have the opportunity to travel to Dong Van on weekends, you can enjoy the specialties of the Northwest people at the Dong Van Ancient Town night market, such as “thắng dền” cakes, “ấu tẩu” porridge, corn wine, bamboo rice, etc. Additionally, at night, the market also offers some fast food items like French fries, sausages, rice paper, etc., suitable for the taste of tourists.

Visiting 26/3 Square in Ha Giang City at Night

You’ve probably heard of the milestone 0 of Ha Giang, a famous check-in spot for tourists when traveling to Ha Giang. Right next to it is the 26/3 Square – the symbol of Ha Giang City with an area of nearly 3000 square meters. Adjacent to it is the picturesque Lo River, a legendary river of the Northeast region.

Visiting 26/3 Square in Ha Giang City at Night

With such a prime location, this place is often the venue for large-scale and important festivals and events of the province. If you visit from September to December, you can participate in the buckwheat flower festival with many activities imbued with the Northwest’s essence.

Therefore, if you’re staying in Ha Giang City at night, be sure to visit 26/3 Square. Additionally, in the evening, there are electric car races at the square with prices starting from only 15,000 VND for 10 minutes. Traveling to Ha Giang with your friends and stopping by here for some fun would definitely be a blast!

Enjoying Drinks at Ha Giang’s Cafes at Night

In the chilly weather, sitting with friends or family, admiring the mountainous scenery, and sipping hot tea is incomparable. Due to the surge in tourist numbers, almost every district in Ha Giang now has cafes. For convenience and economy, it’s advisable to rent a motorbike in Ha Giang for transportation.

The criteria for choosing a cafe in Ha Giang are quality, ambiance, and price. Don’t forget to research beforehand, carefully read reviews on Google and travel websites. Some cafes you can consider are Cafe Núi Cấm, Cafe Cực Bắc, Dong Van Bar, etc.

Exploring Ha Giang’s Night Cuisine

Culinary exploration is undoubtedly an essential part of experiencing Ha Giang at night when traveling. However, only a few places like Ha Giang City or Dong Van Town have restaurants open until late at night. If you’re in other areas, you might want to consider the activities mentioned above!

For those staying overnight in Ha Giang City, you can choose from a variety of options, ranging from “ấu tẩu” porridge, “thắng dền” cakes to snacks, grilled skewers, and fried vegetables. Some famous eateries include Ngan Ha “ấu tẩu” porridge, Mr. Xuan’s snack stall, and 320 Ly Tu Trong grilled food stall.

Enjoying a bowl of piping hot Trang Kim Pho amidst the chilly weather of Ha Giang

As for tourists in Dong Van, you can explore Dong Van Ancient Town while enjoying the local specialties. One place recommended by locals that you should try at least once is Moc Mien Porridge, near the Dong Van gas station. It is renowned for its “ấu tẩu” porridge with a sweet, tender chicken meat, firm chicken feet, and a hint of bitterness from “ấu tẩu” leaves, creating an unforgettable flavor.

The above are my experiences of enjoying Ha Giang at night that I want to share with you all. My advice is that you shouldn’t venture too far or stay out too late to conserve your energy for your trip. I wish you all a wonderful journey! Don’t forget to use the private car service from Hanoi to Ha Giang by DanangPrivateCar.com’s for a memorable trip to Ha Giang.