How To Get From Danang To Quy Nhon? By what means of transport? These are questions that a lot of people are interested in because once you know the distance, you will easily make a travel plan and choose the most convenient means of transport. So below, Danang Private Car will share with you information related to the question: “How to from Da Nang to Quy Nhon?” Follow along!

The distance from Da Nang city to Quy Nhon according to Google Maps is 323km via Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway and National Highway 1A. It will take you at least 5 hours 30 minutes to travel between these 2 cities. Currently, there are many options for you to choose from such as: passenger car, tourist car, motorbike, train, private car… Depending on your preferences and financial conditions, you can choose 1 vehicle. appropriate move.

How to travel from Da Nang to Quy Nhon?

From Da Nang to Quy Nhon by bus

This is a quite popular means of transportation and is chosen by many tourists. On average, there are about 16 direct bus routes from Da Nang to Quy Nhon every day, with many North – South bus companies also passing through these 2 cities:

  • Seat car: Currently, there is Son Tung garage which is a seat car running this route, the fare is 180,000 VND/way.
  • Sleeper bus: The price of a sleeper bus from Da Nang to Quy Nhon is 400,000 VND/way. Some reputable bus operators you can refer to are: Tan Duong Hong, Dien Linh, Duong Hong, Loc Thuy, Quy Thao (Da Nang)…

VIP Limousine: Ticket prices range from 500,000 to 600,000 VND/way. Some reputable bus companies are: Kim Anh bus, Cuc Tung Limousine, Mai Vy Limousine…

Traveling by bus takes a lot of time but saves money
Traveling by bus takes a lot of time but saves money

From Da Nang to Quy Nhon by motorbike

The distance from Da Nang to Quy Nhon is not too far, so you can absolutely make a trip by motorbike. Driving time is about 7 hours, not including time to stop and park to admire, eat and take pictures. From Da Nang city to Quy Nhon city, you will pass through many famous tourist attractions of the Central region such as: Thu Bon river, Hoi An city, Khe Hai beach, Quang Ngai city, Sa sea. Huynh, Tra O lagoon… So you can enjoy admiring the charming scenery, admire the peaceful countryside, swim in the sea, enjoy seafood and record beautiful memories with family and friends… Therefore If you are a travel enthusiast, don’t miss this exciting trip to Da Nang – Quy Nhon!

From Da Nang to Quy Nhon by train

If traveling by train, you will start at Da Nang station (No. 791 Hai Phong, Tam Thuan, Thanh Khe, Da Nang) and stop at Dieu Tri station (Nguyen Thi Dinh, Nguyen Van Cu, Quy Nhon city). , pacify the province). Train ticket prices range from 200,000 (hard seats) – 391,000 (air-conditioned seats) VND/ticket.

From Da Nang to Quy Nhon by train
From Da Nang to Quy Nhon by train

From Danang To Quy Nhon By Private Car

Danang Private Car offers Private Car Transfer  From Da Nang To Quy Nhon to help traveler have best transfer service. After long flight and spent 30 minutes to apply for visa on arrival, you will feel tried. Why don’t you book with us for Private Car Transfer  From Da Nang To Quy Nhon? Our driver will pick you up at your hotel lobby anytime you request. Along the way, the driver can also stop anywhere if you need to.

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Interesting Quy Nhon tourist attractions

Beach “crescent moon”

Located right in the center of Quy Nhon city, the “crescent moon” beach is a tourist destination that anyone coming to Binh Dinh does not want to miss. Possessing a special shape, curved like a crescent moon, clear blue sea and a rich system of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars, this is a place where many fun and entertainment activities are concentrated. for tourists in Quy Nhon.

The beach "crescent moon" shimmers at night
The beach “crescent moon” shimmers at night

Ky Co Beach

This is one of the most favorite “check-in” points in Quy Nhon. Unlike the crowded and bustling sea of ​​”the waning moon”, Ky Co has a strangely peaceful appearance. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the “fairy” place with crystal clear water see the bottom, white sand, soft smooth, green coconut groves. Visitors can not only swim in the sea but also experience coral reef diving, basket boat ride or just relax on the sand and admire the poetic scenery is enough to make people fall in love with the way home.

The beauty of forgetting the way back of Ky Co beach
The beauty of forgetting the way back of Ky Co beach

Green Isle

Another unspoiled beach of Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Cu Lao Xanh attracts tourists by its rustic and peaceful beauty. Visitors coming here can immerse themselves in the blue sea, explore the colorful coral reefs, follow the fishing boats of fishermen to experience catching nets, hunting fish, and squid fishing. When you come here, you can also freely organize camping, outdoor BBQ party and enjoy playing and singing with family and friends. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Coral in Green Island
Coral in Green Island

What to eat when coming to Quy Nhon?

Quy Nhon cuisine is not only famous for its attractive and attractive flavors but also at affordable prices. Let’s love your “stomach” through famous eating places in Quy Nhon that you must try once.

Grilled King Restaurant

+ Lot 10 Ly Thai To, City. Quy Nhon, T. Binh Dinh

Shrimp vermicelli, My Hanh rice vermicelli

+ 32 Ngo Duc De, Ward Nguyen Van Cu, City. Quy Nhon

Pancakes asking for Dien Hong’s heart

+ 20 Dien Hong, City. Quy Nhon, T. Binh Dinh

Tuna vermicelli

+ Lot DC5 15 Bui Huu Nghia, City. Quy Nhon, T. Binh Dinh

Co Xi snail shop

+ 40 Dao Duy Tu, Tran Hung Dao, City. Quy Nhon