3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang is currently a hot check-in spot. This place attracts visitors not only with hundreds of beautiful and unique photos but also with an impressive and sparkling virtual living space.

Danang tourism impresses visitors not only with its beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, and unique bridges but also with many beautiful, unique, and unusual photo spots like 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang. Let’s explore what makes this attraction special and appealing to visitors.

Directions to 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang.

3D Museum Danang is located at C2-10 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City. The museum is invested by Art In Paradise Global, a leading company in the world of 3D museums. It is a highly famous 3D painting museum in Danang and a trendy check-in spot among the younger generation.

3D Trickeye Museum Danang is a favorite virtual living place for many young people

3D Painting Museum Danang is relatively close to the city center, so visitors can easily reach it by motorbike, bus, or taxi. If taking a bus, you can catch buses number 9 or number 12 to the museum. Once you get off at the bus stop, it’s a 5-7 minute walk to the museum.

The way to Da Nang 3D Painting Museum

If traveling by motorbike from the center of Danang City, you can follow Nguyen Van Linh Street across the Dragon Bridge to Vo Van Kiet Street. At the Vo Van Kiet roundabout, turn left onto Ngo Quyen Street. Continue on Ngo Quyen Street until it intersects with Chu Huy Man Street, then turn left. After traveling about 300 meters, turn right onto Tran Nhan Tong Street. After about 2 minutes, you will see the Art in Paradise 3D Painting Museum Danang located on the left.

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3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang ticket price and opening hours

Ticket price of Danang 3D Museum for reference:

Subjects of application 



Vietnamese people 
Adult 200,000 VND/ticket 140,000 VND/ticket
Children (100 -130cm) 100,000 VND/ticket 100,000 VND/ticket
Children (under 100cm) Free of charge Free of charge

Note: visitors can buy tickets to3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang directly at the museum’s ticket counter.

Opening hours of Danang 3D Museum for reference: 9:00 – 10:00 (including public holidays and Tet). Last pick-up time: 21:00

Map of 3D Museum Danang – 3D Art In Paradise.

3D Museum Danang is a 3D art gallery revolving around three-dimensional objects. It features hundreds of artistic paintings on different surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings. Through the combination of colors and lights, aiming to “trick” the viewer’s vision, it provides viewers with incredibly fresh and unique experiences.

3D Art Painting Museum Danang has over 130 artworks painted on various surfaces

Unlike traditional museums where viewers are not allowed to touch the exhibits, at 3D Painting Museum Danang, visitors can freely touch and feel the artwork. Moreover, the 3D painting museum embodies interactive art, where the participation of viewers contributes to creating a perfect 3D masterpiece. In addition to admiring and exploring 3D art, visitors can also participate in creating impressive 3D art pieces themselves.


Audience interaction plays a part in creating vibrant 3D artworks

3D Art in Paradise Museum Danang covers an area of over 4000 square meters, including two floors. After ticket verification, upon entering the first floor of the museum, you will immediately arrive at the Optical Zone, followed by the Classic Art, Aqua, Safari, and Fantasy zones. Going up to the second floor, you will discover four areas: Central Hall, Ancient Egypt, World, and Modern Art.

Diagram of 3D Art in Paradise Museum Danang

Review of 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang: What’s interesting?

What does 3D Art Museum in Danang offer? When visiting the check-in location of Danang’s 3D Art Museum, visitors will have the opportunity to explore unique and impressive paintings in 9 themed areas and unleash their creativity to create their own pictures.

Explore the 9 themed areas at 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang.

The review of 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang reveals many fascinating aspects. The museum currently showcases over 130 art paintings created by nearly 20 leading Korean artists, distributed across 9 specialized themed areas. Let’s explore each area of the museum together!

The first floor includes the following areas:

  • Optical: Considered the starting point of the “visual deception” art. Here, you can admire vivid paintings that appear lifelike due to techniques such as shading, distance, the use of multi-dimensional translucent paint combined with reflection and refraction of light.
  • Classic: The paintings in this area will make you feel extremely intrigued. You will feel as if the characters in the paintings are “interacting” with you. With a little creativity, you can become the main character in the artwork.
  • Aqua: Stepping into this area, visitors will feel as if they are exploring the vast and diverse underwater world with sharks, coral reefs, sunken ships, and more, all depicted in an incredibly realistic manner.
  • Safari: This area is dedicated to those who want to adventure in the natural world and explore wildlife. Humorous and entertaining depictions of animals such as rhinos, elephants, and monkeys through vivid photographs bring an exciting experience to viewers.
  • Fantasy: This area allows you to revisit your childhood through paintings that depict fairy tales and magical worlds full of colors. You will become the main character of the story through interactions with the artwork.

The second floor of the Trickeye Museum in Danang includes the following areas:

  • Central Hall: This is where you can admire gigantic 3D paintings. Impressive artworks painted on walls reaching up to 10 meters high will leave everyone in awe and delight.
  • Egyptian: This area recreates the ancient Egyptian civilization through vibrant paintings. Here, you can learn about the mysterious land of Egypt through the Tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, statues of sphinxes, mummies, and more.
  • World Zone: Here, you can admire beautiful scenery and unique architectural structures from various countries around the world. Dynamic 3D paintings will take you on a journey around the world, allowing you to appreciate the Byzantine Cathedral, Trevi Fountain, and experience a gondola ride along the enchanting canals of Venice.
  • Imagine: This area encourages visitors to unleash their imagination to the fullest. Here, you can interact and apply your creative abilities to create unique and distinctive photos.
Visitors enjoying a gondola ride in the Venice World Zone

An amazing place for check-ins and capturing Instagram-worthy moments at 3D Museum in Danang.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang is a paradise for capturing Instagram-worthy moments for everyone. Here, regardless of who you are or your age, you can unleash your imagination, pose creatively, and create unique photos of your own. The ideas and interactions of visitors contribute to a fresh and lifelike perspective in the paintings. Every painting, every corner of the museum serves as a splendid photo background for you to pose and capture moments.

The 3D Museum in Danang is the top hot spot for living the virtual experience in the coastal city of Danang.

The images of 3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang must be sparking your curiosity, excitement, and desire to explore right away, aren’t they? Then, make plans with your friends and family to visit this hot spot for virtual experiences and hunt for beautiful pictures!