During the day, Da Lat is beautifully gentle and poetic, thanks to the landscapes bestowed by Mother Nature. Da Lat at night is equally attractive, with numerous interesting places waiting for you to explore. Let’s explore with DanangPrivateCar.com the list of must-visit destinations when night falls in the city of a thousand flowers!

Top night-time entertainment and tourist destinations in Dalat

Let’s explore the hottest entertainment and tourist spots in Dalat at night with DanangPrivateCar.com!

Dalat Night Market

  • Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Dalat City.

Your trip to this city will be incomplete without visiting Dalat Night Market. It is a nationally renowned check-in spot that every Dalat enthusiast has set foot in. To experience the lively and bustling atmosphere of Dalat at night, head to the Night Market for your answers!

Dalat Night Market

The night market is a paradise for street food lovers. In the cold night fog, you can enjoy the fragrance of sweet, creamy soy milk and the aroma of various grilled specialties, baked rice paper, fried cakes, grilled corn, and more.

Here, you can embark on a fascinating food tour. If you’re looking to buy souvenirs after your journey, the night market has got you covered!

Xuan Huong Lake – Dalat at Night

  • Address: Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 1, Dalat City.

Xuan Huong Lake is a famous tourist destination that contributes to the brand of Dalat tourism. Its poetic and romantic scenery makes visitors feel gentle and extremely relaxed.

Ho Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat at Night

At different times of the day, Xuan Huong Lake has its own unique beauty. Therefore, if you’ve already visited Xuan Huong Lake during the day, take a stroll around the lake at night. You’ll undoubtedly feel a different atmosphere!

The romantic and poetic scenery immersed in the night with mist and chilly air becomes even more mystical. What could be more wonderful than sharing romantic moments with your loved one in this enchanting setting!

Lam Vien Square

  • Address: Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 1, Dalat City.

Lam Vien Square – Dalat Square is a famous symbol of the city. It is one of the must-visit spots in Dalat. During the day, Lam Vien Square exudes a peaceful beauty. However, as night falls, the atmosphere here completely transforms.

The square becomes lively with tourists gathering for entertainment and sightseeing, especially on weekends, holidays, and during cultural, artistic, and sports events held at the square.

The romantic sunset scenery captures the hearts of thousands of young people at Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square includes the Wild Sunflower Cluster and the Giant Artichoke Flower. These two structures simulate the two famous flowers of Dalat. When the sun sets, the “flowers” covered entirely in glass become even more sparkling and radiant. Therefore, photography enthusiasts should not miss this luxurious background for ‘Instagrammable’ photos.

With amusement areas, Big C shopping mall, artistic fountain, green spaces, and more, Lam Vien Square caters to diverse needs for tourists. You can also visit the shopping center for unlimited shopping, buying souvenirs, and bringing back Dalat specialties.

The square at night has cafes and street food stalls to serve tourists. If you want to enjoy exciting movies, Cinestar Dalat Cinema, located right in the square, will satisfy your desire.

Yersin Art Street

  • Address: Nguyen Trai – Yersin Intersection, Dalat City.

Dalat at night also has Yersin Art Street – an interesting destination, especially suitable for art enthusiasts. Here, visitors have the opportunity to admire prominent works of art.

Yersin Street also frequently organizes music programs for tourists to enjoy. An artistic space will make romantic and whimsical souls feel satisfied.

The Escape Bar

  • Address: 94 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Dalat City.

If you love a lively and vibrant atmosphere, The Escape Bar is a suggestion from Danang Private Car’s for you. Especially when traveling with a group of friends, coming here to listen to music and dance the night away will be a truly memorable experience.

This bar is located in the basement of Mường Thanh Holiday Dalat Hotel. The small, cozy, and lively atmosphere of The Escape Bar attracts both local and international visitors.

Hang Nga Villa (Crazy House)

  • Address: 3 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 4, Dalat City.

Dalat at night is always enchanting and mysterious. You will feel this even more when visiting Hang Nga Villa at night. The complex includes unique buildings, art exhibition rooms, and cafes with a distinctive and somewhat eccentric design.

Dalat at Night – Visit the Ethnic Village at the foot of LangBiang Mountain

  • Address: 314 Langbiang, Lac Duong Town, Lac Duong District, Dalat City.

If you love exploring traditional cultural beauty, visit the ethnic village at the foot of LangBiang Mountain to immerse yourself in the lives of the local ethnic minorities.

Participating in campfire activities at the foot of Langbiang Mountain

This tourist area often organizes many unique cultural exchange programs related to the distinctive Gong culture of Langbiang. These events take place right at the foot of LangBiang Mountain, inside the houses of the K’Ho people.

Dalat at night becomes lively and cheerful in the eyes of tourists when they immerse themselves in the famous melodies of the Central Highlands Gong culture. Here, tourists can also enjoy grilled chicken, bamboo-cooked rice, wild vegetable dishes, and many other mountain specialties. Don’t forget to taste a cup of strong and spicy local wine!

Thien Phuc Duc Hill

  • Address: Ward 7, Dalat City.

With an ecotourism destination surrounded by nature, we often assume that visits are best during the day. The sunlight during the day supports your photography, check-ins, and participation in various entertainment activities.

However, why not try coming here at night? Thien Phuc Duc Hill at night displays a strange and different beauty that you can only experience when you visit at night. You will be surprised to discover many interesting and fascinating things here.

Light a campfire and camp overnight in nature, where tourists can breathe in the fresh, cool air. Sitting around, chatting, enjoying grilled meat skewers, and gazing at the starry night sky amidst the hills is an experience that is hard to come by!

Camping overnight at Thien Phuc Duc Hill also gives you the opportunity to witness the sunrise in the early morning. Wake up and stand on the hilltop to admire the majestic mountainous landscape.

Truong Cong Dinh Western Street

  • Address: Truong Cong Dinh Street, Ward 1, Dalat City.

This continues to be a perfect nighttime entertainment spot for young people, especially those who love a lively and bustling atmosphere. Truong Cong Dinh Street is the ultimate nighttime entertainment and leisure destination.

Every night, there are numerous interesting activities such as live music performances, cultural exchange programs, and various cafes, bars, and restaurants that remain open throughout the night.

Beautiful Gardens in Enchanting Dalat at Night

During the day, flower gardens are like a fairyland where girls feel like princesses lost in a magical realm. You’ll be eager to check in and capture thousands of mesmerizing photos. But have you ever tried admiring the flowers at night? The night is also an interesting time to explore these flower gardens.

Check-in at the Hanging Houses of Trai Mat

  • Address: Slope 7, Trại Mát, Dalat City.

Checking in at the Hanging Houses of Trai Mat at night, when viewed from above, is a tip that travel enthusiasts share. This is the secret to capturing a sparkling and outstanding photo when traveling to Dalat. From above, you can admire the entire glittering space as the Hanging Houses of Trại Mát light up.

The hanging houses of Trai Mat sparkle as night falls

Warm golden lights illuminate the hanging houses, warming the flowers and green vegetables, creating a radiant and vibrant space.

Van Thanh Flower Village

  • Address: 40 Van Thanh Street, Ward 5, Dalat City.

Van Thanh is one of the largest and most famous flower villages in the dreamy city. It is also known as the Kingdom of Roses. Dalat at night becomes truly fascinating when you take the time to wander through Van Thanh Flower Village.

The brilliant flowers, showcasing their colors under the sparkling lights, stretch across a vast area, creating an unforgettable scene.

Visiting the flower village at night, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the working atmosphere of flower farmers. Observe and learn some “tips” for caring for flowers directly from the farmers!

Beautiful Thai Phien Flower Garden at Night in Dalat

  • Address: Ward 12, Dalat City.

Thai Phien Flower Garden is also one of the must-visit gardens in Dalat. The garden has a large, flat space with fertile soil and water sources from streams, making it an ideal place for planting various flowers such as daisies, cosmos, tulips, thanks to meticulous care.

The flower beds here, thanks to careful care, are always full of vitality. Each season, each type of flower competes to show off its beauty. When night falls, a series of lights are lit up, creating a brilliant and vibrant scene across the sky.

Thuong Uyen Bay Garden

  • Address: Am Ba Giao, Khe Sanh Street, Ward 10, Dalat City.

The last flower garden that DanangPrivateCar.com suggests you visit during Dalat at night is Thuong Uyen Bay Garden. During the day, the scenery here resembles continuous mountains and flowers spreading over a large, vibrant area. As night falls, the space resembles a sparkling and enchanting Milky Way.

The beauty is created by the vibrant colors of the extensive flower garden, illuminated by sparkling lights. You are guaranteed to have memorable moments with your loved ones when exploring this space. Not to mention, you’ll bring back a load of splendid photos!

TOP Night Cafés in Dazzling and Charming Dalat

In any locality, you can easily enjoy a cup of coffee. However, mountain town coffee still possesses its own unique charm, attracting travelers. When in Dalat, you must indulge in the pure coffee brewed from coffee beans grown and ground right in the highland region.

DanangPrivateCar.com will now share a LIST of night cafés. You won’t have to worry about finding an answer to the question of where to go in Dalat at night!

Bình Minh Ơi Coffee Shop

  • Address: 89 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ward 10, Dalat City
  • Opening hours: From 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Bình Minh Ơi is a newcomer to the “hot hit coffee shops” in Dalat. Just by its name, you can sense the romantic beauty of the space here. The shop is located in the city center, only a 10-minute drive from Xuan Huong Lake. Opening from early morning until late at night, Bình Minh Ơi offers visitors the opportunity to admire both sunrise and sunset—the two most beautiful moments of the day in Dalat.

The coffee shop Binh Minh Oi is romantic in the evening

The café has a view of the sunset, the valley, and the “peak of the city.” When night falls, you will be immersed in the rustic atmosphere, with the classic vibe of this coffee shop. Dominated by the dark brown tone of wood, the shop creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere for visitors. What could be better than sitting back, enjoying a fragrant cup of coffee, and listening to the melodious tunes?

The café has both indoor and outdoor spaces, both of which are spacious and airy. If you want to chase the clouds in Dalat, head to the outdoor garden area. Here, many blooming daisies will enchant you, especially during the flowering season.

Phuot Ca Phe

  • Address: 45 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Dalat City

A lively, bustling Dalat night at Phượt Cà Phê is sure to delight backpackers. This café is designed in a modern, simple style, making visitors feel extremely comfortable and at ease.

Route 66 Cafe & Pub

  • Address: 66 Thi Sach Street, Dalat City.

Route 66 is the first café in Dalat to operate overnight. The café has a classic style, bringing a nostalgic feeling to visitors. When night falls, people tend to withdraw and become quieter.

Route is the ideal stop for travelers to admire Dalat at night. The café is also famous for many specially crafted drinks, extremely aromatic and attractive.

Dalat Nights – Thung Lũng Đèn Coffee – BBQ

  • Address: Slope 7, National Highway 20, Ward 11, Dalat City.

Unlike other typical coffee shops, Thung Lũng Đèn Coffee has a completely open space, blending with nature. The café also has a prime location with a panoramic view. From here, you can enjoy the sparkling and mystical scenery of the city at night.

From Thung Lũng Đèn, visitors can also admire the entire radiant Trại Mát Flower Village. A truly romantic and delightful feeling!

Dalat Nights Cafe

  • Address: 4 Dong Da Street, Ward 3, Dalat City.

Dalat Nights is one of the favorite night cafés among young people. Dalat Nights is located on a small hill. Thanks to this, the view from the café overlooks the entire Dalat night scene. Honestly, it’s incredibly beautiful and romantic.

In addition to drinks, Dalat Nights also serves many attractive snacks such as pizza, Italian pasta, and french fries. If you feel hungry, you can order some snacks here without having to go far.

Hai Ả Cafe

  • Address: 77 Sao Nam Street, Ward 11, Dalat City.

Hai Ả Cafe has a peaceful and gentle space. The simple yet sophisticated design helps this place “score points” in the eyes of visitors.

Túi Mơ To Cafe

  • Address: Alley 31, Sao Nam Street, Dalat City.

Túi Mơ To is the last café that DanangPrivateCar.com wants to share with you in the hottest Dalat café LIST. True to its name, when you come to Túi Mơ To, you will be able to immerse yourself in the dreams of youth. Located in a small, quiet alley, in the middle of the city center, Túi Mơ To possesses a poetic beauty.

Here, every corner is extremely “chill” and breathtaking. You will have 7749 “worth-the-money” backgrounds to “live virtual.” Sitting here, you can easily admire the sparkling Dalat night scene. Looking further, LangBiang Peak and Bồ Hòn are clearly visible for us to enjoy.

Tips to Remember When Exploring Dalat at Night

  • When heading out in the evening, remember to wear warm clothes and bring a scarf. Adding a few accessories such as gloves, a beanie, and boots will not only enhance your outfit but also help keep your body warm.
  • While enjoying activities, sightseeing, and dining, remember to maintain cleanliness and the overall landscape. Dispose of trash in designated areas.
  • When visiting popular night attractions in Dalat where crowds gather, be mindful of personal belongings. Be cautious against pickpockets.
  • If you find yourself waiting in line or waiting a bit longer for food and drinks, be patient and maintain a positive attitude!
  • During the peak tourist season in Dalat, when visitors flock to the City of Thousand Flowers, plan your time early and book your hotel room in advance to secure the most favorable accommodation.
  • While moving between locations, if you can’t find your way, don’t hesitate to ask the locals. Dalat residents are very friendly and hospitable, and you’ll be warmly guided.

You won’t have to worry about finding nighttime entertainment and dining spots in Dalat. Because Dalat at night still offers vibrant and incredibly appealing destinations, ready to serve those guests who ‘never sleep.’ As long as you have enough energy to fully enjoy, Dalat will not be short of entertaining places!