Where is Cua Dai Beach?

Cua Dai beach belongs to Cam An ward – Hoi An, Quang Nam province. Moving from Hoi An ancient town, it only takes about 30 minutes to reach Cua Dai beach. The average distance is from 5-7km.
Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An is identified as the meeting point of the famous river complex. Including, Thu Bon – Truong Giang and De Vong River. This beach attracts the attention of tourists because of its pristine beauty. The white sand dunes of the sea stretch endlessly, the thick coconut groves, shaded by the cool water.

This is also the most ideal resort destination in Quang Nam province. Therefore, over the years, millions of tourists have visited and constantly praised the sea.

What is the best season to travel to Cua Dai Hoi An beach?
Weather is considered to be the most influential factor on your experience on the beach. Therefore, the question of whether to visit Cua Dai beach in Hoi An is a beautiful season, you need to rely on the weather. Based on the experience of many backpackers, the best season to visit is summer. The ideal time to visit the resort is from April to October.

At that time, the weather at the beach was extremely beautiful. The soil is dry, cool, and the climate is very pleasant. Therefore, all fun activities as well as exploration take place more smoothly than ever.
In addition to the beautiful weather, there are also many festivals around this time. Therefore, do not forget to note the time to make a trip to Hoi An! In case you plan to go to the beach in July-August, pay attention to the weather week by week. Because this time usually will have some sudden rain.

What’s attractive about Cua Dai beach in Hoi An?

Taking Hoi An Tour, visiting Cua Dai beach, visitors will experience a lot of interesting things. Here are typical experiences and promises that you will never forget.

Swimming in Cua Dai Beach

To mingle with the cool water, fully enjoy the peaceful feeling, visitors should visit the beach in the early morning or late afternoon. Waves gently pat the skin. They make you feel very excited and comfortable.
If you swim in the afternoon, you can also watch the beautiful sunset sky. A purple-red color in the sky makes your soul cleanse. This also means your energy is recharged once again. The energy for all night partying has been awakened in your body at that moment.

Enjoy “virtual life”

At Cua Dai beach, there are many beautiful virtual living corners. You just need to prepare a few outfits and choose a shooting angle. At night, the beach is lit by many shimmering lights. This makes the beach attractive in the eyes of tourists.
The space has also become romantic, suitable for you to date with your lover. What are you waiting for, come here with that person, check in the beautiful pictures?


The best time to experience Hoi An self-sufficient travel and sunbathe at Cua Dai Hoi An beach is early in the morning. You can relax, bask in the soft light.

From there, look out to see a peaceful sea ahead. At the same time, slowly enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea. Believe, your feeling will not be available anywhere.

Hoi An specialties at Cua Dai beach

In addition to activities related to entertainment, do not forget to enjoy Hoi An specialties!

Some of the most recommended delicacies for visitors are:

  • Grilled stingray with lemongrass and turmeric: This dish is often seasoned with various spices and made according to an esoteric recipe. Therefore, they are not fishy, ​​on the contrary, they also bring an indescribable delicious taste. On average, a plate of stingrays will be sold for 40 – 60,000 VND. The price is quite soft, right, why not try it?
  • Fried squid with fish sauce: This delicious dish is simply processed and seems to be no different, but what makes visitors unforgettable is the flavor it brings. Squid is fried golden, fragrant, served with esoteric sauce. Therefore, that flavor you will not be able to find anywhere else.
  • Steamed lemongrass chips: Chip chips – this name is quite strange for many tourists, right? In fact, this is a seafood in the clam family, similar in appearance to oysters and mussels. The way to prepare this delicious dish is extremely elaborate. The cook must be meticulous from choosing chips to marinating and steaming products. When the chip plate is brought to you, the first thing you feel is the aroma of lemongrass. Chips are sweet, when dipped with sauce, it’s more rich.

What to note when traveling to Cua Dai beach in Quang Nam

To have a complete trip to Cua Dai Hoi An beach, visitors should pay attention to the following:

  • You can come here at any time, but it’s best to visit in April, June, and September. The weather in these months is quite dry, somewhat cool. Moreover, there are also many fun activities organized.
  • Pay attention in the matter of choosing the means to move. Each type will have different costs. Consider your budget to have the best choice!
  • Always pay attention to the weather to have the best preparation.
  • The best time to bathe at the beach is in the morning from 7 to 9 am, in the afternoon from 16 to 18 pm.
  • You can combine sightseeing with the nearby An Bang Hoi An beach.
  • When bathing, it is also necessary to observe a safe location. Do not subjectively bathe in water that is too deep, far from the shore, very dangerous.

Cua Dai Beach Hoi An with many beautiful scenery, promises to give you an unforgettable experience. Near the beach, you can zoom out to see Cua Dai Hoi An bridge shimmering at night!