Hunting clouds in Sapa is one of the most fascinating activities that tourists love when experiencing Sapa travel. So, have you discovered the most beautiful cloud hunting spots in Sapa yet? Refer to the article below from for experiences in cloud hunting and capturing the most fantastic photos with Sapa’s sky in your upcoming journey!

Fansipan Peak

Fansipan Peak is the most captivating cloud hunting location in Sapa. It is the highest peak in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and also the highest mountain in the three Indochina countries, with an accurate height of 3143m. With this elevation, Fansipan is often referred to as the “roof of Indochina,” a must-visit and explore spot for travelers experiencing Sapa tourism.

Fansipan Peak is the most captivating cloud hunting location in Sapa

From the summit of Fansipan, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Sapa town hidden in the mist. On a beautiful sunny day, if lucky, you may even have the chance to witness the sea of clouds drifting gracefully across the Fansipan sky. Standing at the legendary “Roof of Indochina,” Fansipan, it is a proud and joyful experience to feel such a unique sensation.

The best time for cloud hunting at Fansipan is around October, November, or February, March of the following year. During this time, Sapa’s climate is mild, with less rain, making the appearance of drifting clouds quite frequent.

O Quy Ho Pass

Besides Fansipan, O Quy Ho Pass continues to be an enchanting cloud hunting destination in Sapa. O Quy Ho Pass is part of the “Four Great Passes” – the four most challenging mountain passes in Vietnam, located in O Quy Ho ward, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Situated at an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, O Quy Ho Pass winds through mountain cliffs, with one side being towering and majestic mountains, and the other side being deep valleys and distant small villages scattered on the hillside. Crossing this challenging road, travelers arriving at O Quy Ho Pass will truly feel amazed when witnessing the unique scenery with floating clouds resembling a fairyland.

Cloud hunting experience on the peak of O Quy Ho Pass

The best time for cloud hunting at O Quy Ho is around October and November. During this period, the weather is beautiful, not too cold, with less rain, and the golden sunlight shining through the white clouds creates a stunning rainbow effect.

Ham Rong Peak

Ham Rong Peak is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Northwest mountainous region but also a renowned cloud hunting spot in Sapa. It is considered a glimpse of paradise amidst the misty town of Sapa.

The most addictive coordinates at Ham Rong Mountain
The most addictive coordinates at Ham Rong Mountain

At an altitude of 1800m, just behind the Sapa stone church, visitors can easily move around and hunt for clouds at any time of the day. However, the best time to hunt for clouds at Ham Rong is in the evening when the sunset bathes the Sapa landscape in a vibrant orange glow. At this time, the sea of clouds covering the city is illuminated, creating an incredibly charming scene for travelers.

On a sunny day, you may have the opportunity to see sparkling clouds under the golden light on the top of Ham Rong Peak. It will be an unforgettable moment and a picturesque scene.

Hang Da Village

Hang Da Village, located in Hau Chu Ngai hamlet, Hau Thao commune, Sapa, Lao Cai, offers a completely different cloud hunting experience in a poetic and rustic way.

Hang Da Village is a poor village, less known due to its difficult access. It is precisely because of this that the place maintains the simple and rustic beauty, from natural landscapes to culture and people. Despite being poor in material wealth, the natural scenery, the sky, and clouds in Ban Hang Da are incredibly beautiful, serving as a compensation for any shortcomings and enriching the spiritual life of the people here. Visit Ban Hang Da on a late November day, open your arms wide, and breathe in the pure air while admiring the breathtaking scenery in the early winter morning.

Sapa Heaven’s Gate

Sapa Heaven’s Gate is another cloud hunting location that travelers should experience when visiting Sapa. Located about 18 km north of the town center on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, this area has not been explored much, making the road winding and challenging, especially the climb up the mountain.

Heaven’s Gate Sapa

Upon arrival, you will be stunned by the magnificent natural scenery, resembling a watercolor painting. In the distance, there are lush green terraced fields and winding Hoang Lien Son mountains. This place is dubbed as a paradise because of the breathtaking landscape that makes visitors feel like they are standing in a heavenly scene.

One reason not to miss cloud hunting at Sapa Heaven’s Gate is the changing natural scenery throughout the day. Particularly, during sunrise, visitors can enjoy a space filled with colors, white clouds, green mountains, and the impressive morning sun. The sunset, on the other hand, brings a completely different beauty, creating a romantic and serene atmosphere. According to legend, couples who admire the sunset at Heaven’s Gate will have enduring love.

Y Ty

Y Ty is also an ideal cloud hunting spot for tourists when visiting Sapa. Y Ty is a highland commune in Lao Cai, located at an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, ensuring a cool climate year-round and attracting travelers from all directions. The road to Y Ty passes through the forest, with few people passing by, so visitors need to pay more attention if choosing to hunt for clouds here.

The best time for cloud hunting in Y Ty is from September to November. During this time, Y Ty rarely experiences rain, and the vibrant yellow sunshine creates an impressive scene with white clouds floating in the sky. In Y Ty, the quiet valley seems to merge into the sky and touch nature. You can admire the harmonious landscape with floating clouds and captivating terraced fields, creating a charming and majestic natural scenery.

Sau Chua Village

Sau Chua Village is another cloud hunting location in Sapa that visitors can consider. Sau Chua Village is about a 17-minute drive from the Sapa town center. The road from the town to the village is straightforward, following Dien Bien Phu Street towards Lao Cai market, and you will find Ban Sau Chua near Bridge 32.

Ban Sau Chua boasts incredibly beautiful natural scenery and a cool atmosphere. Every morning, waking up to the sound of singing birds and breathing in the fresh air, visitors are treated to a peaceful atmosphere. Especially during the gradually brightening moments towards the dawn, the early sunlight seems to awaken every landscape here. The sunlight piercing through the dense fog creates a sea of clouds floating around the mountains. In addition, visitors can taste local specialties and take many beautiful photos against the charming and poetic backdrop of this attractive cloud hunting destination.

Hau Thao Commune

Hau Thao Commune is a beautiful cloud hunting spot in Sapa but is less known to tourists. It is mainly inhabited by the Mong ethnic group, and life here is still challenging and tough. Perhaps this is why, in a Sapa seemingly being commercialized for tourism, Hau Thao remains a beautiful cloud hunting spot, giving travelers a sense of peace and comfort as if returning to and blending with the clouds floating between the land, mountains, and forests of Sapa.

Sapa cloud hunting in Hau Thao commune

When visiting Hau Thao, tourists can admire the hidden sea of clouds behind the rock mountains. This uniqueness makes this land strange, beautiful, and captivating to those who love to explore.

Hau Chu Ngai Village

Located at an altitude of over 1,700m above sea level and about 7km from the Sapa town center, Hau Chu Ngai Village, in Hau Thao commune, Sapa, is an ideal cloud hunting spot for those who love traveling and exploration.

As a village far from the town center, not yet affected by tourism industrialization, Hau Chu Ngai is still a beautiful cloud hunting spot, providing visitors with a sense of peace and relaxation, as if they are returning to and blending with the clouds drifting between the land, mountains, and forests of Sapa.

The best time to hunt for clouds in Hau Chu Ngai village is around November and December

The best time to hunt for clouds at Ban Hau Chu Ngai is around November, December, or from February to March of the following year. During this time, the temperature starts to drop, humidity is high, and the sunrise is ideal for a successful cloud hunting moment. This is also the perfect time for visitors to witness a magnificent sea of clouds and admire the garden full of pear and plum blossoms in the vibrant sunlight.

Rock Garden Sapa Homestay

Rock Garden Sapa Homestay is located in Hau Chu Ngai hamlet, Sapa town. Situated about 15 minutes drive from the city, Rock Garden Sapa Homestay is a place where you can relax, stay, and hunt for clouds in Sapa, immersing yourself in the nature of the sky and land. Being located in a secluded position on the top of a hill, Rock Garden Sapa Homestay allows visitors to extend their vision to the Linh Ho valley, admire the floating sea of clouds around the majestic Hoang Lien Son range.

Rock Garden Sapa Homestay is located in Hau Chu Ngai hamlet

The above is a compilation from’s of the most beautiful and worthwhile cloud hunting spots in Sapa. It is hoped that through this article, you have gathered useful information for your upcoming trip. If you are looking for a private travel service from Hanoi to Sapa, contact now for advice and to book services at the best prices!