16-seat car rental service in Hue by DanangPrivateCar.com is the top choice for many domestic and international customers. As a leading transportation company in Hue, it invests in various types of 16-seat cars from many famous brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Kia,… DanangPrivateCar.com aims to provide customers with safe trips that save time and money.

Affordable, Reliable, and Professional 16-seat Car Rental Service in Hue

With a team of experienced 16-seat car drivers who understand the routes well, professionally trained and screened through real-life experiences, and a fleet of 16-seat cars that are regularly inspected, upgraded, cleaned, and maintained, DanangPrivateCar.com confidently provides customers in need of 16-seat car rentals with the best services.

The 16-seat car service from DanangPrivateCar.com for picking up passengers from the port and bringing them to Hue

DanangPrivateCar.com specializes in providing professional, reliable, and high-quality 16-seat car rental services. We cater to various needs for renting 16-seat cars for travel, business trips, pilgrimages, tours, and more for customers in Hue and the central provinces of Vietnam. With an extensive network and high-quality new 16-seat cars serving tourists, we always satisfy our customers when they choose DanangPrivateCar.com’s 16-seat car rental service.

Why Should You Rent a Car for Travel or Business Trips?

Renting a car not only provides you with comfort during your travels but also gives you control over your entire journey. You can rest, enjoy the scenery, or visit interesting places along the way without worrying about the car picking up passengers en route. This is a major concern for many who experience motion sickness, as each stop to pick up passengers can make them feel more fatigued. Moreover, traveling by bus can be crowded and hot, which is a drawback of bus travel.

Therefore, if you need to go on a business trip, travel, or handle important matters, don’t forget the 16-seat car rental service in Hue. Of course, if you have many people traveling with you, then you should rent a 16-seat car. For smaller families, you can rent a 4-seat, 7-seat, or 9-seat car instead.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a 16-Seat Tourist Car?

Instead of choosing other means of transportation like motorbikes or buses for excursions, travel, or business trips, the current trend is to rent an affordable car for nearby travel. Renting a tourist car with 4, 7, 16, 29, or 45 seats offers many benefits, such as:

  • Spacious and comfortable seating: Especially with high-end, clean interiors that provide a pleasant experience for passengers.
  • Modern vehicles: Most rental cars are new models with premium leather seats. They are well-maintained at dealerships, ensuring safety for customers throughout the journey.
  • Cost-effective: The rental price offers many benefits for customers.
  • Professional drivers: The drivers are well-trained, always cheerful, and friendly with customers.
Professional and reputable 16-seat tourist car rental service in Hue

Notes When Renting a 16-Seat Car

  • Review the Contract Carefully: Ensure that the terms match the rental price list you previously reviewed before signing and receiving the car.
  • Inspect the Vehicle: Check the car thoroughly before accepting it. If there are any issues, request a different vehicle or immediate repairs.
  • Consider Hiring a Driver: Instead of driving yourself, you can hire a driver. This helps alleviate worries and stress during the trip.
  • Check the Rental Price: Confirm that the rental price is reasonable and inquire about any potential additional charges.
  • Agree on the Price: Ensure that the price is as stated in the 16-seat car rental price list in Hue, and clarify any extra costs before accepting the car. For example, are there penalties for late returns? Is a deposit required before renting? Can you rent the car for self-driving?
  • Choose a Reputable Rental Company: To ensure the best quality vehicle, rent from reputable companies. This helps avoid low-quality rentals that could pose dangers and lack safety for you and your loved ones.

Price List for 16-Seat Car Rental Service in Hue

Below is the price list for renting a 16-seat car in Hue for some routes.

Route Time 16-Seat Car (VND)
City Hue (3 points, add 100k for Minh Mang Tomb) 1/2 day 1000
City Hue (4 points) 1 day 1300
City Hue (5 points) 1 day 1500
Pickup/Drop-off from Hue Station to Hue city center 1 way 300
Pickup/Drop-off from Phu Bai Airport to Hue city center 1 way 500
Hue – Kawara My An Onsen Resort 1 way 350
Hue – Thanh Tan 1 way 1000
Hue – Thanh Tan – Hue 1 day 1300
Hue Airport – Thanh Tan 1 way 1300
Hue – Bach Ma Village 1 way 1100
Hue – Bach Ma Village – Hue 1 day 1600
Hue/Hue Airport – Lang Co (1 way) 1 way 1200
Hue – Thanh Toan Tile-Roofed Bridge – Lang Co – Hue 1 day 1800
Hue – Thuan An – Hue 1/2 day 800
Hue/Hue Airport – Vedana Lagoon 1 way 1000
Hue – Laguna 1 way 1200
Hue – Laguna – Hue 1 day 1800
Hue – HueYes Eco Thac Mo Nam Dong (1 way) 1 way 1100
Hue – HueYes Eco Thac Mo Nam Dong – Hue 1 day 1600
Hue – Da Nang (without Hai Van Pass) 1 way 1900
Hue – Da Nang (via Hai Van Pass) 1 way 2200
Hue – Da Nang – Hue (no sightseeing) 1 day 2500
Hue – Ba Na – Hue 1 day 2800
Hue – Hoi An 1 way 2400
Hue – Hoi An – Hue (no sightseeing) 1 day 3000
Hue – Vinpearl Nam Hoi An 1 way 2800
Hue – Vinpearl Nam Hoi An – Hue 1 day 3400
Hue – La Vang 1 way 1300
Hue – La Vang – Hue 1 day 1600
Hue Airport – La Vang 1 way 1200
Hue Airport – La Vang – Hue 1 day 1900
Hue – Dong Ha 1 way 1300
Hue Airport – Dong Ha 1 way 1600
Hue – Dong Ha – Hue 1 day 1900
Hue – Dong Hoi – Hue 1 day 3000
Hue – Phong Nha – Hue 1 day 3300
Hue – Thien Duong – Hue 1 day 3700


  • The above prices include tolls and parking fees.
  • VAT 10% is included.
  • Prices may change depending on the time. Please call +84 88 666 0396 (WhatsApp) for the quickest and most accurate consultation and quotation according to your itinerary needs. Thank you very much and we look forward to cooperating with you.

How is the 16-Seat Car Rental Price Calculated?

The 16-seat tourist car rental price list from DanangPrivateCar is calculated based on several factors:

  • Rental Service: The rental price varies depending on the service (airport transfers, inner-city trips, out-of-town trips, etc.).
  • Number of Kilometers Used: This is calculated from the time of picking up the customer to the time of drop-off according to the itinerary. Different distances result in different rental service prices.
  • Number of Rental Days: The price differs based on whether you rent the car for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, a week, a month, etc. It also varies depending on whether you rent at the beginning or end of the week.
  • Holidays: Prices are adjusted during holidays to comply with Vietnamese government regulations.

Comparing DanangPrivateCar.com’s 16-Seat Car Rental Prices to Other Transport Services

As a leading provider of transportation services in Hue city and other cities in Vietnam, DanangPrivateCar.com is committed to offering the best quality 16-seat tourist car rental service at the best price.

The 16-seat tourist car rental service provides the most private, safe, and comfortable journeys

When renting from Danang Private Car’s, customers can be completely assured that they are getting the best price on the tourist car rental market in Hue. The 16-seat car rental price list in Hue is calculated accurately and transparently.

Please note that some transport companies might quote 16-seat car rental prices 100,000 – 300,000 VND lower than DanangPrivateCar.com. However, in reality, customers often end up paying many additional fees. Therefore, be a wise customer when choosing the reputable and professional car rental service of DanangPrivateCar.com in Hue.

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