Known as one of the 20 most beautiful night places on Earth, Hoi An reveals its full beauty only in the evening. One of the most captivating experiences in Hoi An at night is definitely taking a boat ride in Hoi An on the Hoai River to fully appreciate its charm.

Have you ever taken a lantern boat ride in Hoi An?

The Hoai River is just a small branch of the Thu Bon River, flowing into the sea at Cua Dai estuary. With its serene and romantic atmosphere, complemented by the unique ancient architecture, Hoi An has claimed its spot as one of the world’s most beautiful canal cities.

Boating in Hoi An Offers You an Exciting Experience

It seems like the Hoai River has been intertwined with this land for generations, inseparable from the local heritage. From this connection, locals had a brilliant idea: to combine traditional hand-rowed boats to transport tourists for sightseeing, creating a more enticing form of tourism, that is, boat rides to admire the scenery on both sides of the river.

What makes it even more special is that these boats are rowed by hand. Consequently, the boats move very slowly, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Typically, each trip lasts around 20-30 minutes, depending on the time and the specific boat. Most rides bring you back to the shore within 20 minutes. If it’s a quiet day with few tourists, the local boat operators might extend the ride a little longer for everyone to enjoy.

Hoi An Boat Service

Hoi An boat service has attracted a lot of attention from both domestic and international tourists. Therefore, the rental services and prices have been updated in detail as follows:

Where to Rent Boats in Hoi An?

Boat tours mainly operate in the Old Town area, right along Bach Dang and Chu Van An streets. You can either find spots where boats are anchored or ask the locals. They will gladly point you to the best rental places with the most favorable prices.

How Much Does a Boat Ride in Hoi An Cost?

The price for a boat ride in Hoi An ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 VND per 30 minutes. With this price, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Hoi An either in the early morning or after the nightfall. The boats provided in this area are traditional hand-rowed boats. Each boat usually comes with colorful lanterns.

If you’re taking a ride in the evening, consider buying some extra lanterns to release on the river! The price for each lantern is 10,000 VND.

If you are in Da Nang, you can immediately book the private car service in Hoi An from With the private car service from Danang to Hoi An, you will be quickly and safely transported to your destination.

Best Time to Cruise on the Hoai River?

To fully enjoy the experience and capture unforgettable moments for your photos, consider the following:

It’s best to take a boat ride in Hoi An in the evening when the town is brightly illuminated, creating a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. The evenings are more vibrant and the boats are busier. The entire Old Town lights up, reflecting beautifully on the river, enhancing the romantic ambiance of the ancient town.

Consider going on the full moon days, especially on the 14th and 15th days of the lunar calendar (according to the Vietnamese lunar calendar). During these days, all the houses in the town turn off their lights. Instead, they hang colorful lanterns outside their doors. The 14th and 15th days of the lunar month are also the perfect time to go boating and release lanterns on the river.

Please note that going on the full moon days enhances the beauty, but it also attracts more tourists. Therefore, if you go when it’s slightly less crowded, everything will be more peaceful, and the view of the Old Town will be even more beautiful.

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Lantern Boat Ride in Hoi An – What Experiences Does It Offer?

Taking a boat ride on the Hoai River is a chance to hear stories about an ancient Hoi An.

Hoi An is now a famous tourist city, both in Vietnam and internationally. Few people know that this city at the lower Thu Bon River used to be a bustling trading port, a prime location chosen by traders from China, Japan, and the West. When you take a boat ride in Hoi An, gently gliding on the Hoai River, you have the opportunity to hear boat rowers recount tales of a place once known as Hoi An.

Through these stories, combined with what you see, the ancient buildings and architecture of Hoi An become clearer in the minds of travelers. In the evening, Hoi An, though lively, exudes a tranquil atmosphere, making you feel like time has come to a standstill. Nowadays, while the port of Hoi An only exists in memories, everything has become more vibrant, more refined, but somewhere, you can still imagine an ancient, prosperous, and proud Hoi An.

Taking a Boat Ride in Hoi An to Learn More About the Lives of Old Town Residents

The Old Town of Hoi An lies along a branch of the Thu Bon River, making this river particularly significant in the lives of its people. The Hoai River continues to flow, bearing witness to the many changes and ups and downs of the people of Hoi An, the land of Hoi An.

The fishing boat has been beautifully renovated to carry tourists for travel.

On this river, people make a living by rowing boats to take tourists on leisurely rides. The elderly and young children find their own corners, arranging lanterns, and eagerly introducing them to tourists for purchase. Especially during the daytime, from the Old Town area to further out, you can see more of the livelihoods of the people here. They primarily rely on fishing, both for fish and shrimp. Some still engage in pottery, carpentry, farming, and lantern making. It shows that Hoi An is truly vibrant and diverse.

Taking a Boat Ride in Hoi An to Experience the Charm of the Old Town at Night

It’s undeniable that Hoi An is most beautiful at night. After strolling around the Old Town, many tourists wish to take a boat ride on the Hoai River to experience the town from a completely different perspective. When Hoi An starts to light up, there is no better place to admire the entire Old Town in its most enchanting and exquisite state than taking a boat ride on the river. At that moment, you can grasp the entire beauty of this magnificent city.

Hoi An is at its most beautiful when the sunset descends

Moreover, if you’re lucky to visit on a full moon night, the Hoai River becomes even more romantic. The round, shimmering moonlight reflects on the water like a painting created by a talented artist. It becomes even more magical when the small lanterns float gently along the river, adding an extra touch of excitement for the travelers.

Releasing Lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An on Full Moon Nights

This is perhaps the most fascinating activity while taking a boat ride in Hoi An. Guided by the current, the colorful lanterns, set afloat by your own hands, gently drift along the river. According to the locals, each lantern released represents a wish. So, the more lanterns you release, the more wishes you hope will come true.

Releasing Lanterns on the Hoai River

Taking a Boat Ride in Hoi An – Capturing Unforgettable Moments in Photos

Honestly, every corner of Hoi An is picturesque, and that’s why Hoi An has been included in the list of the world’s 17 most beautiful selfie spots. For those who love sweetness and charm, taking a boat ride in Hoi An is an excellent suggestion.

You don’t need to strike any unique pose. Just sit on the boat deck, gaze into the distance, and you’ll already have some beautiful photos. For those who want to invest more in their photo album, don’t forget to bring along an Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) and a conical hat.

Experiences Not to Miss in the Evening in Hoi An

There’s more to Hoi An in the evening than just taking a boat ride; the ancient town becomes a hub for travelers to explore numerous other interesting activities. It’s no coincidence that Hoi An has become a beloved destination for many. Visiting Hoi An in the evening offers you a chance to discover new joys.

Stroll Through the Old Town of Hoi An at Night

This is something everyone would enjoy, as at night, the Old Town of Hoi An sparkles like a glittering gem. Colors come to life, creating a feast of lights. Walking amidst the ancient streets, finding an ideal spot, and freely admiring Hoi An’s beauty is an incredibly delightful experience.

Explore the Hoi An Night Market

The Hoi An Night Market, located on Nguyen Hoang Street, is a bustling area with over 50 stalls selling mainly lanterns, bracelets, lacquerware, and bags. Here, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant shopping paradise. Along this street, you’ll also encounter enticing food stalls offering grilled meat, ice cream rolls, grilled dishes, and fresh fruits. What’s more, there are coffee shops with captivating acoustic music performances.

Hoi An night market is sparkling and vibrant every night

Indulge in Riverside Delicacies

If you’ve already had your fill of local delights like Mi Quang and Com Ga during the day, Hoi An at night offers a culinary adventure by the Hoai River. Along the riverbank, numerous eateries pop up side by side. They might be simple stalls with a few chairs, catering to seated customers. Sitting by the Hoai River, don’t forget to order a bowl of Cao Lau, a baguette, or indulge in delectable snacks like Banh My or savory treats like Tau Pho, Che Thap Cam, or Banh Dap Hen Xao.

Discovering Hoi An cuisine is an interesting experience.

Savor Coffee in Hoi An

While cafes in the nearby tourist city of Da Nang are always vibrant and modern, the coffee shops in Hoi An exude a distinct vintage charm. This is attributed to the antique ambiance of the old houses, the wooden interior, or perhaps the inherent gracefulness and tranquility that define Hoi An.

Some Tips for Boating in Hoi An

Here are some notes to consider when taking a boat ride in Hoi An.

  • If possible, choose a beautiful Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) to wear if you plan to take photos while boating in Hoi An. It’s a wonderful idea to enhance your elegant appearance. You can bring your own Ao Dai and change later in public restrooms. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase them from shops in the Old Town. If needed, tailors can also make a custom one for you, usually within a day.
  • Whether it’s the dry season or the rainy season, Hoi An still experiences some rainy days. During these times, the paths can be quite slippery, so be cautious when boarding the boat. Even though the boat operators will assist you, it’s always better to be safe.
  • For the best photo backgrounds, choose locations along Bach Dang Street, as it features beautiful ancient houses. The most ideal spots are on both sides of the bridge or in front of the Japanese Covered Bridge.

Taking a boat ride in Hoi An is something that everyone will regret missing out on if they haven’t tried it at least once. With an affordable cost, you can sit peacefully on the Hoai River, marveling at the brilliant beauty of Hoi An at night. What could be more wonderful than that? Come and experience it with