Located in the tourist city of Halong, Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh, despite being an artificial beach, still retains the natural beauty of the sea with its long stretch of sand embracing rows of swaying pine trees. Thanks to its beauty and prime location, this place has become a famous beach destination in northern Vietnam, attracting a large number of tourists. If you are planning to choose Bai Chay Beach as your upcoming destination, here are some perfect suggestions for travelers to enhance their experience.

Bai Chay Beach, Quang Ninh, attracts tourists with many fascinating sceneries, a variety of entertainment services, and interesting dining options. The following article will share all the experiences regarding accommodation, dining, entertainment, and places to visit when visiting Bai Chay Beach.

The Origin of the Name Bai Chay Beach

Many tourists wonder about the unique name of Bai Chay Beach. Most locals and tour guides are aware of the origin of the beach’s name, so curious travelers can easily learn about it.

The Alluring Beauty of Bai Chay Beach

Specifically, there are two explanations for the name Bai Chay:

  • In the past, the beach was a sandy shore along the sea. To prevent boats from getting stuck, people used fire to char the surface, making it difficult for barnacles to cling. This practice led to the name “Bai Chay,” which translates to “Burnt Beach” in Vietnamese.
  • Linked to the nation’s glorious history: During the heroic era of the Tran Dynasty, the Vietnamese people, led by General Tran Hung Dao, set fire to the Mongol Yuan Dynasty’s fleet of ships. The burning ships drifted to the shore and ignited the nearby forests. This historical event gave rise to the name “Bai Chay,” signifying “Burnt Beach” in honor of this significant victory.

Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh is located where?

The specific location of the beach

Not only does Bai Chay Beach boast pristine, cool air from the sea and a long stretch of sandy shore, but it also holds a prime location near famous tourist attractions and entertainment spots, making it a highly attractive destination for tourists. Specifically, the beach is situated near Halong Bay, approximately 6km away from the center of Halong City, Quang Ninh.

Bai Chay Beach is located in Quang Ninh Province

Quick ways to get to Bai Chay Beach.

Being close to Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and within the famous tourist city of Halong, Bai Chay has a convenient location, allowing travelers to choose from various means of transportation from all parts of Vietnam.

From Hanoi – Northern Region to Bai Chay Beach:

  • Bus: Affordable rates (around 100,000-130,000 VND), travel time approximately 4 hours; you can find more information in articles about how to travel from Hanoi to Quang Ninh to plan your trip effectively.
  • Motorbike: The distance from Hanoi to Bai Chay is 155 km. Although it may be a bit tiring, travelers can enjoy the natural breeze along the way and make interesting discoveries.
  • Private Car: With the service of renting a private car in Hanoi, travelers can experience the journey independently and have more control over their travel time. DanangPrivateCar.com’s provides quick, safe, door-to-door private car services from Hanoi to Halong, along with professional drivers with years of experience, making your trip effortless.
  • Seaplane: A seaplane journey takes 45 minutes, helping save time, and allowing travelers to admire the natural beauty from above.

From Halong to Bai Chay:

From the city center of Halong, Bai Chay Beach is only approximately 6km away, making transportation easy. Travelers can take a taxi, rent a motorbike in Halong, or if you are staying at a hotel near Bai Chay Beach, you can even walk there.

The perfect time to visit Bai Chay Beach

The famous artificial beach in the tourist city of Halong is blessed with a pleasant and cool climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of about 20°C. Regardless of the time of year, Bai Chay always exudes a romantic, gentle charm and enjoys fresh, clean air.

You should check the weather forecast for Bai Chay, Quang Ninh before traveling

However, for the most comfortable and delightful travel experience, the ideal time to visit is from April to August each year. During this period, the weather is less prone to storms and rain, replaced by refreshing breezes. The sea waters are exceptionally clear, offering a relaxing experience for swimming and immersing oneself in the serene ocean.

The Serene Beauty of Bai Chay Beach

Despite being an artificial beach, the beauty of Bai Chay is on par with any famous natural beach. It boasts a long stretch of white sand spanning over 500 meters and a width of about 100 meters. The sea’s crystal-clear blue water acts like a perfect mirror, creating a mesmerizing reflection. The overall scenery of Bai Chay resembles a picturesque landscape that captivates the hearts of travelers.

Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh Viewed from Above

What sets Bai Chay apart is its unique terrain: a series of low hills gently slope toward the sea, seamlessly merging with the ocean. These sandy hills stretch over 2 kilometers, embracing tall pine trees, creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere. Bai Chay’s beauty lies in its serene and breezy ambiance, making it a captivating destination for tourists.

Activities and Exciting Places to Visit at Bai Chay Beach.

Sunbathing and Swimming at Bai Chay Beach, Quang Ninh.

Bai Chay, with its long, gentle stretch of white sandy beach and swaying pine trees in the cool breeze, offers the best space for travelers to immerse themselves in the warm sunlight. Furthermore, Bai Chay is an artificial beach, ensuring that every spot on the beach is covered with Wi-Fi, allowing tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the blue sea and white sand while staying connected online, capturing moments for social media.

Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh with Its Fine White Sand Shores

Visiting Bai Chay Bridge

Easily accessible from Bai Chay, visitors can witness the beauty of Bai Chay Bridge, connecting Bai Chay and Hon Gai towards Halong Bay. The bridge impresses with its suspension cables, making it look like a harp in the sky from a distance. Bai Chay Bridge is captivating at any time of day, whether in the bustling morning, under the sparkling sunlight, or in the evening when it lights up, creating a romantic and magnificent scenery.

Bai Chay Bridge

Immerse in the Vibrant Night Market at Bai Chay.

Bai Chay Night Market is a lively market that welcomes both locals and tourists. Here, there are souvenir stalls reflecting the essence of the sea and the spirit of Halong, as well as stalls selling local specialties. This is a must-visit place for tourists looking to try local delicacies and buy souvenirs for family and friends.

Stalls at Bai Chay Night Market

Enjoy Entertainment at Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World Ha Long is located at 9 Halong Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. From Bai Chay, tourists can quickly reach this entertainment complex owned by the Sun Group, offering various exciting activities and experiences:

  • Thrilling rides at Dragon Park
  • Cable car experiences
  • Ba Deo Amusement Complex
  • Sun Wheel experience
  • Culinary delights and extensive shopping options.
Sun World Ha Long

Additionally, there are many other places and activities for tourists to enjoy at Bai Chay Beach, such as cycling along the coast, surfing, and more.

Satisfy Culinary Passions with Bai Chay Cuisine

At Bai Chay, visitors can indulge in the city’s seafood specialties, including fried squid with eggs, stir-fried snails, seaweed salad, steamed horseshoe crab, and other delicacies. These dishes are skillfully and delicately prepared from fresh seafood, promising to satisfy every craving after energetic moments at the beach. Moreover, visitors can find these delights at various restaurants, ranging from upscale establishments with professional service to more budget-friendly eateries, catering to every customer’s needs.

Where to Stay When Traveling to Bai Chay, Quang Ninh?

After a long day of memorable experiences and burning energy at Bai Chay Beach, tourists can unwind in comfortable and professional accommodations such as hotels, resorts, and well-equipped homestays. Here are some recommended homestays, hotels, and resorts:

  • The Bay – Ha Long Homestay: 02 Alley Huong Tram, 112 Anh Dao, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Ha Long Pearl Hotel: 162 Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort: 9 Halong Street, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Vinpearl Hotel Halong: 1 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Residential Area, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Novotel Ha Long Bay Hotel: 160 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel: 4 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Halong Plaza Hotel: 8 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh.

Delicious Dishes Not to Miss When Visiting Bai Chay Beach, Quang Ninh.

If you’re traveling to Bai Chay Beach, don’t forget to indulge in the local specialties. All the excellent restaurants in Bai Chay, Quang Ninh, serve these dishes.

Fried Squid with Eggs

Squids are carefully selected for their freshness and taste. After preparation, they are grilled and served with a touch of chili salt or fish sauce, creating an unparalleled flavor. The price is quite affordable, ranging from 70,000 VND to 80,000 VND per plate.

Sea Worms (Sam Bien)

Sea worms are highly nutritious seafood. They can be stir-fried sweet and sour or grilled, both equally delicious. Proper preparation of this dish requires experienced culinary skills.

Steamed Horseshoe Crab (Cu Ky Hap)

Steamed horseshoe crab is a must-try dish in Bai Chay, Quang Ninh. It’s easy to prepare – fresh horseshoe crabs are steamed with a bit of beer, lemongrass, and chili, resulting in a delicious and nutritious dish after a 15-20 minute wait.

Geoduck Clams (Sa Sung)

Geoduck clams are incredibly nutritious and valuable. Resembling earthworms in shape, these clams were historically offered to the king. Fresh geoduck clams are stir-fried, while dried ones are used to make pho broth, adding a sweet and fragrant taste to the soup.

Stir-fried Snails (Oc Xao)

Stir-fried snails are a famous dish in Bai Chay, Quang Ninh. Snails are prepared in various ways, but the most tempting one is stir-frying. Snails can be stir-fried with tamarind or lemongrass and chili. Served hot, accompanied by a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce, there’s nothing more exquisite.

Things to Note When Traveling to Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is famous as a beach resort area, so when visiting Halong, exploring Bai Chay ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Clothing: Pack light and breathable clothes, but also bring long-sleeved attire to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget to bring swimwear, flip-flops, and swimming goggles for beach activities. If you don’t want to bring your swimwear, you can rent it at the beach for around 50,000 VND per set.
  • Sun Protection: When going to the beach, make sure to bring essential sun protection items such as sunscreen and sunglasses. The summer weather in Halong, especially at Bai Chay, can be quite sunny, so sunglasses and a hat are essential to prevent sunburn. Apply sunscreen generously to avoid getting sunburned.
  • Money: Carry enough cash for your expenses. It’s also a good idea to bring an ATM card in case you run out of cash and need to withdraw more. When staying in hotels, keep your valuables with you or store them in the hotel’s safe deposit box. Avoid leaving valuable items in your room when there is no one around.

Remember these tips to have a safe and enjoyable experience at Bai Chay beach!

Located in Halong City, Bai Chay Beach attracts a large number of tourists and is situated near the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay. Bai Chay Beach has its own unique charm that captivates the eyes of travelers, making it a renowned beach destination in the northern region. With its spacious and romantic sandy beach, clear blue sea, gently swaying pine trees, and pleasant year-round climate, Bai Chay Beach offers a serene atmosphere. Additionally, its convenient location allows easy access to other famous tourist spots in Halong City. Therefore, Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh is an attractive choice for travelers seeking relaxation in Halong, Quang Ninh.