Hanoi is a capital city over 1000 years old, with a long history, diverse cultural traditions, and a rich identity. Hanoi is truly a major tourist center in Vietnam. It has always been one of the destinations attracting many domestic and international tourists. Hanoi ranks first in terms of the number of historical sites in Vietnam, with 3840 historical sites out of nearly 40,000 in the country (including 1164 national-level historical sites). Hanoi currently holds the most UNESCO titles in Vietnam. Therefore, Hanoi has the strengths and conditions to develop cultural, spiritual, and conference tourism.

Hanoi Travel Guide – Things To Do In Hanoi

The Hanoi tourist center plays a crucial role in transportation, located at the center of the tourism triangle of Ninh Binh – Quang Ninh – Lao Cai. It serves as a distribution hub for tourists to these key tourist regions and the entire Northern Vietnam.

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