Whether it is known as the “City of Thousands of Pine Trees,” the “City of Flowers,” or the “City of Mist,” Da Lat, Vietnam, always has a special charm for many domestic and international tourists. Therefore, the journey to travel to Da Lat in the South of Vietnam on the S-shaped land is always an ideal choice for many travelers. Amid the peaceful and tranquil surroundings, Da Lat appears with dreamy and poetic scenery, thanks to the cool highland air at night, morning mist, and the endless pine forests that surround it. Just mentioning this is enough to make the hearts of travel enthusiasts excited about the natural beauty here. Let’s take a tour to Da Lat to enjoy many interesting experiences about this destination!

Visit Da Lat – The “Cool” Land of the South.

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Blessed with the mild climate of the temperate zone, Da Lat seems to lack the scorching heat of the South or the bone-chilling cold of the northern provinces, and its climate is always cool and pleasant. With this coolness of Da Lat and its stunning natural beauty, it has been immortalized in poetry, photographs, and art. Therefore, Da Lat not only attracts domestic tourists but also visitors from all over the world who come here to explore and enjoy the best vacations.

Certainly, any traveler who has their domestic tour to discover Da Lat cannot miss the majestic yet romantic beauty of places such as the Valley of Love, Sigh Lake, Hai Mo Hill, Elephant Waterfall, Xuan Huong Lake, Lang Biang Peak, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat Railway Station, Tran Le Xuan Villa… and many other fascinating destinations.

In addition to the famous attractions mentioned above, Da Lat also attracts tourists to explore its diverse culture and numerous famous local specialties such as Da Lat grilled rice paper, Da Lat grilled nem (fermented pork roll), rice cake, banh beo (water fern cake), banh uot long ga (steamed rice cake with chicken hearts), banh can (mini rice pancakes), xap xap dishes…

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