Thing to do in Hoi An

The tailor industry of South East Asia

Hoi An Ancient Town was voted one of Asia’s most attractive destinations in 2017. Hoi An is an attractive destination for its tranquil, rustic setting, the temptation of culinary culture and the beauty of ancient architecture buildings hundreds of years ago.

If you travel to Central of Vietnam, shouldn’t miss Hoian Ancient Town. Danang Private Car show you top thing to do in Hoian for day tour.

You can start to visit Hoian at about 14:00 until night time. There are much thing to do in Hoian Ancient Town.

1, Walking tour Hoian Ancient Town

First of all, buy a ticket 120,000VND/Pax to visit Hoian Ancient Town Attractions. You will have opportunity to discover Japanese Covered Bridge – one of the special architecture in Vietnam and was built in the 16th century as a symbol of goodwill between Chinese and Japanese merchant communities.  After that, go along the walking street to see the local life of local people. Next attraction you can visit is Tan Ky Ancient House – For more than 200 years, Tan Ky ancient house on Nguyen Thai Hoc street has retained the same structure and architecture as the first day of construction. This is an interesting stop on the journey to discover the ancient features of ancient Hoi An.

Tan Ky Ancient House
Tan Ky Ancient House

Tan Ky Ancient House – Danang Private Car

2.  Tailor, shopping

Then you can shopping for souvenir, or getting something tailor made is a popular thing to do in Hoi An. And you can order as soon as you order and receive within hours, even if you prefer to order in Hoi An, you can leave the measurements and address, the shop will send the product to your place.

The tailor industry of South East Asia
The tailor industry of South East Asia

Tailor in Hoian – Danang Private Car

3. Drink a cup of coffee

When you travel to Vietnam, do not miss to try a cup of Vietnamese coffee. There are many beautiful coffee shop with great view as you can choice: high viewer coffee shop or “market view” coffee shop still great.

Ca Phe Sua Da (Milk coffee with ice) is one of the most popular coffee in Vietnam, let try it when you in Vietnam!

4. Local foods

Hoian is not only famous with tailor, lantern… but also famous with local food. There are many specialties you should be try, such as: My Quang (Noodle), Cao Lau, Mi Hoanh Thanh, sweet soup…

From 30,000 VND you can try one big bow of My Quang. Easy to find it at any restaurant in Hoian Ancient Town. Or you can try Chicken rice – one of the best local food there with from 40,000VND.

My Quang Nodle
My Quang Nodle

5. Traditional game

After have a big dinner, you can enjoy the traditional game: Bai Choi (card) or Dap Nieu (broken the pots). Only 5,000VND you can try to enjoy local game with local people here. There is a small gift if you were winner.


Get into Hoi An’s night life, mix with local people and have fun!

If you are not staying in Hoian, how to visit Hoian?

There are many way to go to Hoian by private car. Travel with Danang Private Car Transfer, your trip will be easier and more comfortable!


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