Hoi An Bay Mau Coconut Forest Travel Experience 2022

Few people expect that in the middle of a town famous for its ancient architecture, put on that ancient and peaceful coat, there will appear a unique coconut forest just like the West of the river. And that is the Cam Thanh Bay Mau coconut forest , a new beauty not yet known by many people that promises to bring different feelings. All the most detailed Hoi An Bay Mau coconut forest travel experiences will be saved here, for reference.

Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area , also known as Cam Thanh coconut forest is a completely new destination in Hoi An, only about 3km from the old town. Why say it’s a new experience, because in many people’s minds, when it comes to the town, they will be impressed by lanterns, old houses or flowers on Hoai River. But that is only beautiful when the sun is out, the street lights are on and this is also the most ideal time to have fun in Hoi An.

So, during the day Hoi An has nothing to play, you will not find anything attractive if you just walk around in the old town, if not boring. Instead, try learning a little about the Bay Mau coconut forest. an extremely attractive tourist destination, taking visitors from one surprise to another. This is really a highlight of Hoi An, so we always advise our guests when they say they want to have a special trip.

What’s in the Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area in Hoi An?

If you have fallen in love with the beauty of the West River, you don’t have to go far, right in Hoi An where Cam Thanh coconut forest appears as beautiful as the river. Coming here, you will be taken to visit the coconut forest by strange and very cute boats and baskets.

Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area Hoi An was formerly known as the revolutionary base of the army and people during the resistance war. Thanks to the discreet terrain, since the time of French resistance, our people have organized many ambushes to defeat many enemy raids. Now, taking advantage of the beauty of the coconut forest, local people have “created” a completely new way of doing tourism, which is carrying guests out by basket, by boat. That is also something that everyone who comes here must admire.

If in the past, that way of doing tourism was only in the spontaneous form, simply carrying passengers for a walk, now it has developed into a large-scale tourist area. Along with that, a series of entertainment and dining activities located along the river attract hundreds of tourists every day.

The latest Hoi An Bay Mau coconut forest tourism experience 2022

The best time to visit Bay Mau coconut forest

When it comes to the time to go to Bay Mau coconut forest, the most important thing is still the weather, if it is a sunny day without rain, it will be very convenient for sightseeing activities, enjoying the scenery and enjoying specialties. You can plan to go on the 14th lunar month every month, which is also the time when the impressive Hoi An lantern festival takes place. Everyone will turn off all the lights together, then the whole old town becomes brilliant under the colorful lanterns.

Particularly in terms of weather, unlike other provinces divided into 4 distinct springs, summers, autumns and winters, Hoi An usually has only 2 main seasons: dry season and rainy season.

♦ From February to September:

This is known as the dry season in Hoi An. In the dry season, the weather here is quite beautiful, sunny, some days are mild and cool. Except for June and July, which is the peak of the dry season, the sun is very strong, which can darken the skin, but in return, the inside of the coconut forest is quite cool, the water is clear, suitable for sightseeing.

♦ From October to February next year:

If June-August is the peak season, October-December is the low season here, not only Bay Mau coconut forest but also neighboring places such as the old town, Cu Lao Cham , etc. … Only on Tet holiday, visitors flock here quite a lot, the rest is not as crowded compared to the time of June-August. One more experience to travel to Bay Mau coconut forest , everyone should note, usually October 11-12 will be a stormy month here, after Tet, the weather changes to spring, so it’s cooler, but still a bit cold. cold.

Closing: When should Bay Mau coconut forest tourism in Hoi An go?

Suggestion is June, July because it is extremely crowded and bustling here, mainly Vietnamese tourists because this is the tourist season in Vietnam. If you go in January, February, then mainly international visitors, especially Chinese and Korean tourists.

Going to the coconut forest and going to the old town in the evening

To go at any time of the day, it is morning or afternoon, avoid going at noon because it is extremely hot at this time. In the morning, you should go as early as possible, at this time you will feel the cool air mixed in the warm rays of the morning sun. This is also a time when we are always full of energy, which promises to be a fun trip.

If you go in the afternoon, you should go after 3pm to avoid the hot sun, so you can combine going to the ancient town in the evening.

What means of transport should you use when traveling to Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An?

Although it is a new tourist area only a few years ago, the coconut forest is extremely attractive to tourists to visit. That is also the reason that to move here is quite convenient, visitors can easily choose 1 out of 3 means as follows:

 Going to Bay Mau coconut forest by motorbike

Very suitable for young people who like to move, if you go by motorbike, you can take the initiative to return to the old town, which is also very convenient and especially the cost is cheap. If in Da Nang, you should rent a motorbike to go by yourself, and if in Hoi An, you should take a motorbike taxi to come. Although a cheap vehicle, they are not suitable for large groups, families with young children.

 Going to Bay Mau coconut forest by car

You can take a taxi to go to the coconut forest if you are in Hoi An, but if you are moving from the inner city of Da Nang, you should use the shuttle bus, it will be more convenient and cheaper to take a 2-way taxi. Usually, if you contract with the shuttle party, it will save money, saying that the more you go, the more beneficial it will be. In addition, if you go by shuttle car, you will be proactive about the time, you can go back at any time you like.


Link: https://danangprivatecar.com/tours/transport-hoi-an-to-bay-mau-coconut-forest/

 Go to Bay Mau coconut forest by joining tour

If you do not know much about the way, the ticket price as well as the fear of being hacked, you should choose combos. In particular, if you go in a large group, you should go on a tour because the price will be much cheaper, vehicles will also take you to the place without having to worry about renting a car.

Instructions on how to move to Bay Mau coconut forest

Coconut forest is only a short way from the old town so it is easy to find, tourdanangcity will suggest you 2 main routes to get here:

  • The first way:From Bach Dang wharf, located right in the ancient town of Hoi An, take a boat down the Thu Bon river, you will reach the coconut forest.
  • The second way:This way people go by road, it only takes about 10 minutes by car. From the center, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street, to Cua Dai bridge, just go another 500m to get there.

In case, want to shorten the time, people should directly ask the people here, they will show you the way to go right away, out of the circle of google maps.

Traveling to Bay Mau coconut forest by what means?

If in the ancient town of Hoi An you have more choices of means of transportation such as bicycles, walking, cyclos, then in the coconut forest there is only one means of transportation, which is a basket boat, in addition to a boat and a boat. cano but people still prefer to go baskets.

To be able to go slowly, so that visitors can admire and discover many mysterious things inside the coconut forest, going in a basket is great. Such a basket will seat a maximum of 4 people, there will also be a basket that can only carry 2 people.

How much is the entrance ticket to Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area in Hoi An?

If before, when Bay Mau coconut forest had not been built into an eco-tourism area, everyone could enter here for free, but since 2017, it is compulsory for visitors to visit here to buy tickets. If you want to go basket / boat, you have to buy it separately, the ticket price is as follows:

  • Entrance ticket price:30k/person
  • Ticket price for basket rental:200k / 2 guests

If the entrance fee to the Coconut Forest tourist area has been listed at 30,000 VND / 1 person, the rental price of the basket boat may be different, but the average price will be 200k / basket , visitors will have 90 minutes to enjoy the panoramic view of the coconut forest. .


What is the experience of traveling to Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An?

Sitting on the beautiful little baskets, how exciting is the feeling of weaving into the new world of coconut forest. Then rowing the basket with your own hands, discovering new things that you have never known, especially if you go with friends, family or that person, it is even more meaningful and memorable. In the coconut forest, it’s not just a sightseeing stroll, many interesting things are waiting for you, tourdanangcity will reveal below.

Super interesting activities at Bay Mau coconut forest resort

+ Go sightseeing basket:

In the Bay Mau coconut forest tour , a long time visitors will be sitting on a basket and being taken for a walk around the coconut forest. Although nothing special, but almost everyone is impressed with the scenery similar to the West of this place. Gently cross the green coconut groves, immersing in the fresh scenery like Da Lat.

+ Dancing basket:

After hours of peaceful sightseeing, there will be an extremely skillful “basket dance” performance of the people here. This is also the most favorite activity but also the most “scary”, because not everyone has the courage to participate. Usually, middle-aged men will be the ones to perform, the basket swings are flexible, powerful and impressive. During the performance, the spectators outside continuously cheered and clapped along.

If you get seasick, it’s best not to try this adventurous experience

+ Souvenirs made from coconut leaves:

According to the sharing of guests who have visited the coconut forest, they feel touched by the gifts from the people here. Even though it is just a flower and a locust, it is extremely cute, a symbol of the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the people of Quang. Also, don’t forget to remember the boatmen and uncles teaching how to make coconut cones, how to guide coconuts to create souvenirs by themselves.

+ Casting nets to catch fish:

The screen is extremely lively, even if it is just a performance for visitors, it is worth watching. Many young people also take this opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Especially in the sunset, the rustic image of netting like this also becomes art.

Experience the fun of making the net yourself

+ Other fun and entertainment activities

Boat racing, tug-of-war, pot-breaking, and fishing attract many visitors to participate and watch performances. Often these activities will be organized for groups or tour guests. If you want to participate, you can actively register on the organization side.

In Hoi An Bay Mau coconut forest, which hotel should you stay at?

Bay Mau coconut forest, an eco-tourism area located close to Hoi An ancient town, is only 10 minutes by car. Because the area around the coconut forest is mainly a river with local people’s houses, there will not be many places for you to stay.

Instead, people should choose Hoi An to spend the night, convenient for moving to attractions here such as Cu Lao Cham, Thanh Ha pottery village and coconut forest. Or if it’s more convenient, if you want to stay here for a few days, my advice is to rent a hotel in Da Nang. Why is that, because most domestic tourists choose the destination as the center, it is very convenient to go to Hoi An and Hue Tour as well. If you come to Hoi An, you will find here mainly Western guests, but few Vietnamese guests.

Not to mention, the price of rooms in the center of the old town is always expensive, even homestays or motels are not cheap at all. Normally, most people will want to have a clean, airy and modern resting space a bit, for the price, at 300k-500k/room is ok. According to this criterion, 3-star hotels will be the most reasonable, with or without breakfast. It is best to choose the area near the sea, near the location of Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly or the dining areas.

Danang Private Car suggests a few affordable hotels in Hoi An for reference if there is a need:

Sunshine Hotel

  • Address: 2 Phan Dinh Phung Street, City. Hoi An
  • Rent: 600k

Kiman Hội An Hotel & spa

  • Address: 461 – 463 Hai Ba Trung, City. Hoi An
  • Rent: 450k/room

Paradise Hotel

  • Address: 86/6 Tran Hung Dao, City. Hoi An
  • Rent: 280k/room


Bay Mau coconut forest tourism experience in Hoi An – what is the specialty?

The specialty of Bay Mau coconut forest is nowhere else but the bold dishes of Hoi An such as Cao Lau, fried mussels, pound cake, Hoi An chicken rice, pancakes, mixed tea, grated juice, etc.

If you want to taste better, go to riverside restaurants to enjoy seafood. The best, if you want a variety of food, cheaper, then go to the old town, here you will definitely not be disappointed at all. According to Bay Mau coconut forest tourism experience in Hoi An , if you want to eat barbecue, tea or other snacks, you can eat in the old town.

On the contrary, if you want to enjoy Cao Lau, chicken rice, you should eat at the streets outside the old town or at branded restaurants. For example, chicken rice has Ba Buoi, bread has Phuong, Madam, etc.

Some notes when traveling to Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An

For a hassle-free trip, you should avoid carrying a lot of things like money, jewelry or expensive phones because they can easily fall into the water.

Should wear discreet, neat clothes to easily move in the coconut forest, avoid wearing high heels or short skirts. In general, as long as you find something comfortable and elastic, just wear it.

Only go to Bay Mau coconut forest in a few hours, at most 1 session because if you stay for 1 day, there will be nothing interesting. It is also a limitation of self-sufficiency compared to going on a tour, often the tour guests will be organized many attractive games, so it is easy to attract everyone to participate.

Travel experience to Bay Mau coconut forest should you go on your own or go on a tour?

To avoid waiting to buy tickets as well as not to worry about vehicles, eating, you should book a tour. This form of tour is suitable for groups and families with young children. The advantage of the group tour is that all costs will be free, from entrance tickets, meals to vehicles.


It also does not mean that you only have to go on a tour, go on your own, and many people go this way. Often young people will choose to go on their own, so that they can explore and actively move to their favorite places. However, for large groups, including adults and children, it is not advisable to go separately. Because actually, if you rent a shuttle or call a taxi, it costs a lot, not to mention eating and buying tickets, you have to take care of yourself.

Ideally, everyone should choose the Bay Mau coconut forest tour, which is both convenient and more cost-effective than going on your own.

Above are all the travel experiences of Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An that you should have for a complete trip. Hopefully, the information that tourdanangcity has brought will be somewhat useful, helping you better understand this famous tourist area, more love the people and the land of Quang.



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