Da Nang travel experiences

The right time to travel to Da Nang

The right time to travel to Da Nang:

I have not arrived in Da Nang in the winter and spring so I do not know how beautiful these two seasons are. But I think the right time to travel to Da Nang is summer.

The right time to travel to Da Nang
The right time to travel to Da Nang

What is more fun than going to the summer beach? Between the hot, suffocating 39-40 degrees like this (May to June) I hungered for my feet to swim on the sea. Cool sea water The rough waves raced on my back and ran straight to the shore laughing happily white foam. Wishing to hang out on the beach with his friend, holding Larue beer can think of all the things in life. Da Nang wonderful!

Tourist destination in Da Nang city:

City of bridges:

Located in the heart of the city, first to mention the bridge. This city has many bridges, but I mention only five most special bridges.

Da Nang viewed from above
Da Nang viewed from above

– Han River Bridges – this romantic bridge is the symbol of the city. And also the first quay bridge in Vietnam. Previously when the need to move across the river a lot, every day at 1 am a bridge rotated 90 degrees, to pass the train. And 3h30 it is back to the old place. Currently, this bridge usually turns at 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays to serve visitors. One of the most enjoyable experiences you can not miss is coming and watching this bridge!

– The second bridge is Dragon Bridge, the bridge shaped like a dragon rolled to the sea often spray fire and water at 21h Saturday and Sunday night. It is the bridge with the largest iron dragon in the world, with a design is not 2. The dragon turned itself straight to the East Sea.

– Next to Dragon Bridge is Nguyen Van Troi bridge. The bridge built for this war is preserved as a souvenir of the city.

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