5 Must-try Dishes in Hue City

One of the ways in which the central town of Hue has held on to its former imperial glory is its cuisine with some royal touches. Here are 5 Must-try Dishes for all visitors to Hue City. The event coincides with the Hung Kings Commemoration Day, a national holiday.

  • Trang Tien banh mi

    Hue Locals will invariably recommend the Trang Tien banh mi as the one dish you just have to try at night in Hue. Near the Truong Tien (Trang Tien) Bridge over the iconic Huong (Perfume) River at the intersection of Le Loi and Hung Vuong Street, there are many popular banh mi stalls that serve what locals call the Trang Tien banh mi.

    A banh mi stall near Truong Tien Bridge in Hue

    Address: Hung Vuong Street, Phu Hoi, Hue

    Open time: 19:00

    Closing time: 1:00

    Price: 7.000 VND – 10.000 VND

  • Banh Canh on Han Thuyen Street

In Hue, if people want to eat banh chung, people often go to Han Thuyen Street, a familiar address for more than 20 years not only to Hue people but also to tourists from all over the world. Here there are more than a dozen banh canh shops, one after another on a small, traffic-free street in the inner city of Hue.

A banh canh stall on Han Thuyen Street in Hue

At just VND15,000 per serving, this dish warms up hungry stomachs with toppings of quail eggs, pork hock, cha cua (crab cake) and cha ca (fried fish cake)

  • Che (sweet soup)

According to Hue researchers, Hue tea is a long-standing dish in the land of Phu Xuan, a harmonious combination between Champa processing art and Vietnamese traditional dishes to create one of the five typical flavors. (salty – sweet – sour – spicy – bitter) of Hue cuisine.

Each of the different versions of this dessert, che hat sen (lotus seed), che nhan boc hat sen (longan stuffed lotus seed), and che khoai mon (taro sweet soup) are bound to satiate sweet tooths .

Colorful Hue-style sweet soups are sold at a stall near Truong Tien Bridge in downtown Hue

Sweet soup stalls, which remain open until about 10 p.m., sell their wares at VND10,000-15,000 per serving. Some of the places recommended by locals are 29 Hung Vuong, Thuong Bac Park and 10 Nguyen Sinh Cung.

  • Hue-style crepe

Banh ep (Hue-style crepe), made with tapioca flour, pork and herbs never fails to impress visitors to Hue.

The cake is small but contains many special things: the greasy, chewy taste of the cake, the crunchy sourness of pickled papaya, the aroma of green onions, meat, eggs…

Hue-style crepe is served with pickled papaya, Vietnamese cilantro and cucumber

Stalls usually sell the dish until about 10 p.m. Visitors can enjoy this dish at many places including: 20 Nguyen Du, 1 Van Cao, 101 Ba Trieu, 116 Le Ngo Cat and 73 Tung Thien Vuong. Prices start at VND2,000 to VND3,000 for a regular-sized crepe and VND5,000 for a larger one.

  • Hue-style beef noodle soup

Bun bo Hue is a Hue specialty that can be found in most other parts of Vietnam. The broth requires both pig and beef bones to be boiled with a generous dose of lemongrass, sugar, annatto, and shrimp paste. Various ingredients like sliced brisket, crab balls and pork pie are added. Adventurous eaters can add pig’s blood cubes for more flavor.

A bowl of Hue-style beef noodle soup served at a stall in Hue

Location: 5 Tran Cao Van, Vinh Ninh, Hue
Opening hours: 5 pm – 12 pm (17 pm – 24 pm)
Price: 25,000 – 40,000 VND

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